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    Well, my season so far has been sub-par to say the least. Snow came late, got hurt at the very beginning of the biggest single month of dumpage in Tahoe history, missed connections with a few of you guys (not to mention the split party and Scrubfest). I’ve had a few good days, but now it’s time for redemption. I’ve got next week off (4/19 – whenever I get back) and a truck and camper. Question is, where to go?
    I’ve been thinking about CO for the possibility of late season pow on the big snowpack that’s out there, but I am pretty flexible to ride anything that might be good from CA to CO to WA. So, on that note, anyone got anything big lined up somewhere and need a partner? Anyone want to hit the road and split fuel costs (truck runs on veggie oil so it may cut costs a bit, especially if I can score some on the road)? Anyone just have some really good ideas?

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    If I were you and had that time off, I’d for sure be corn harvesting and chuting in the eastern Sierra!

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    It looks like another wintery weekend in the N.W. The snow level is going to be down to 1000′ this weekend here in Oregon.

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    Same snow level more or less for the WA Central Cascades and Olympics too. I’m loving that winter is lingering as long as possible. Anyone going out in the greater puget sound area? I’m looking for a reason to go out and play.

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    Mumbles, My friend and I where looking to go to Paradise on Saturday but could be open to going some where else. We are both just picked up splits this month. If your still looking for a reason to get out.I might be able to convince him to go to Hurricane Ridge. It would be nice to go with someone who knows the area some what. If you don’t mind be with some newb’s. I do ok with going up but still getting use to the board and just getting back boarding after be out with a cracked rib for a few months.It shouldn’t take to long to be back in the grove of things. I am so glad that now I have the split the season never ends.


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    mtnman, I’ll likely be in the eastern sierra skiing the weekend of 4/25-27. if you’re in the vicinity and want to meet up let me know, I’ll be solo or with 1 other guy. coming from SF so could meet up in Tahoe or further south.


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    I still haven’t pulled the trigger on anything. As far as I can tell the Cascades is where it’s at. I might try to cruise up Mon. if someone may be able to show me around somewhere in OR or WA Tues, Wed or Thurs. Anyone? Help a guy get his pow on!

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    If you end up in CO: May 9-11, Snowmass Mountain. PM me if interested.

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