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    Just came across this this morning, terrible news. An amazing ski mountaineer lost to the eastside. RIP Kip, you will be missed.

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    This has been all over. Very sad. RIP Kip and Allison.

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    Terrible news. He was a Tahoe and eastside legend. RIP.

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    Man, How shitty.. 2 people killed getting after it.

    Truly sad to hear.

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    oh duh! i didnt see this thread just reacted and put in another one…oh man. sadness. condolences for friends and family!

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    Very tragic news! To be honest, I just learned about Kip from that Backcountry article and he sounded like a very sincere and nice guy! And given his personal history already losing a friend in the mountains, now him and his girlfriend passing, this is extra sad! My heart goes out to their friends and family!

    There was a quote from him in that magazine too, that I really liked: “Ski Mountaineering is the best way I’ve found to spent lots of money on gear and travel all to be able to ski less!”

    Only the good die young

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Just realized that I met Allison briefly on the skin track out by Emerald chute earlier this season. Of course she was with Jon Morrison & crew so they all passed me like I was standing still! 🙂 Actually, I stopped and let them pass me so I *was* technically standing still, but I just did that to save face because I knew if I kept skinning they *would* have passed me like I was standing still!

    Pretty small world, this Tahoe/eastside bc crew…

    Someone who knew Allison posted this on the TGR thread:

    It seems these days a lot of the most spectacular people I have known are passing away and all of the shitheads are still alive and well. I don’t wish misfortune on anyone, I just want the good ones to stick around.

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    Hey everybody, lets all be CAREFUL OUT THERE!

    This makes me so, so, so sad 🙁

    We are all connected, and all face similar challenges. Lets watch out for ourselves and each other.

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    Really sobering.

    RIP Kip and Allison.

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    I’ve personally known Kip for the last 4 years after visiting PNH Heliski up in Cordova annually. After the owners he was basically the head guide and just put out this confident, caring, beautiful feeling every single time he walked into a room. It wasn’t until April 2011 that I got to spend significant time with him, and I feel so lucky I got that opportunity. His love for mountains, skiing, people around the world can be felt so deep just by speaking with him. We had some great conversations about Allison, he desire to make it back to Telluride next winter(and me to try to show him something sweet), what it was like interacting with locals on trips to Pakistan, and those friendships he has maintained. I travel a ton, snowboard maybe even more, and just seeing someone that was so genuine with their vision 100% help me redefine my own. His footprint he left everywhere seems to be one that is not forgotten, and that alone is what I will take with me on my next journey, day on the hill, or just meeting a new person.

    From all reports and word of mouth Allison was just as special, my heart goes out to their families, relatives, and close friends. I’ve heard so many reports of unstable snow all over the country in past weeks, and just wanted to tell everyone to be safe. Winter is not over, its not Spring, and big tour plans should be reconsidered, put on hold, or planned for next year. Our goals and big lines are not going anywhere. I myself turned around 70% up the Naked Lady Couloir on Molas Pass just south of Silverton this past weekend because mid-winter deep snow did not permit us to boot up anymore. Take care and be safe!

    Much love

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