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    This is nomad here….

    Jack and I have been out for the last two days in search of northwest pow. The 29th actually produced some relatively light snow, but today the oatmeal returned. Weather and avy danger were horrible throughout, so we were confined to mellow tree runs in the Baker environs.

    Driving to the upper parking lot, it is quite discouraging to see the lack of any snowbanks where they are usually at least 5-10 ft high. Coverage is quite bad below 3500 ft, but above it is fairly consistent. Snow from the last 5 days and a wet forecast certainly bode well for the snowpack, but any precip will likely be more of the lovely cascade concrete.

    We probably won’t be getting out again for a little while – the mellow tree run tolerance has been maxed out. Let’s hope for better conditions in Jackson next week…..

    For some reason, all of the photos we took turned out absolutely ridiculous. Here’s for your enjoyment.

    Jack with 80s headband style

    This picture defies everything I know about how to ride a snowboard. Isn’t it normal to look forward when turning? It’s almost like he’s navigating by looking where he came from.

    Mad powder wheelie

    What an amazing 1 ft drop!

    I can’t believe I actually made a turn like this. What style!

    This pic pretty much sums up the weather conditions. Ah, the northwest.

    Jack with a sick cornice drop.

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    (jack posting now)

    that cornice drop was sooooo X-treme!

    nomad and i had been planning an epic multiday trip in BC since august and Ullr left us with this….damnit. next year i guess…

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    This kind of xtreme coreness is exactly I haven’t been getting out lately. With a resigned look over at the splitty, I remember that it’s just BEEN DONE. I mean, fellas are dropping cornices splitmode, and what’s next? Airborne assembly? It’s just getting too dangerous!

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    hah! good stuff boyz…not exactely hero snow eh?


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