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    To the fallen angles

    Adam West

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    All avalanche fatalities really hurt, but for some reason this one resonates deep down. I didn’t know Liz personally, just friends of friends, but for some reason this one really hurts.

    She just seemed to love life, and love the mountains, I always enjoyed her reports, and just reminds me how fickle life is. In the mountains you’re always at risk.

    May she rest in peace

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    This is very sad news. I rely heavily on trip reports to feed my snow stoke. That’s my favorite part of this site. And her reports were some of the best.

    As a former longtime PNW resident I watched with enthusiasm someone living the dream. I stil read the Seattle Times daily and that’s where I read the tragic news.

    I’m walking down to the Santa Monica pier tonight for Higher. Liz will definitely
    be in my thoughts.

    Ride On!

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    Was super inspired by her stoke over the years. I think everyone who ever saw a TR from her wanted to get out and ride. Truly sad news.

    Kyle Miller
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    Liz definitely had a spark in her eyes and it was contagious. I was looking forward t going out on numerous missions with her over the upcoming winter but sadly that will never happen. Condolences to Davide, Drew, Liz’s family and everyone who’s life was changed by her.

    Life is precious and time is limited.

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    I’m a bit late posting because I’ve kinda been outta the loop due to various life issues and lack of computer. A few days ago someone asked me if I knew anyone that died in the avalanches in Chile. I didn’t know of anyone in particular who was down that way at the moment, but it seems with these incidents there’s always a connection. As I’m sure many of you have experienced. Sure enough, when I got online a couple days later, there it was.
    I never met Liz, but obviously loved seeing the stoke she brought here. She will be missed for sure. Also shocked to see Andreas go down, as he was at the absolute pinnacle of the sport. But I did know JP, not very well, but had a few awesome days in the mountains with him over the course of a few years, and shared a few drinks. Even as a skier he’s definitely influenced my riding, and my attitude in the mountains. Dude was the man, and I’ll leave it at that.
    Even though I always tell people that the most dangerous part of this amazing sport that we all love is driving to the trailhead, the truth is there are numerous dragons lurking. As the tribe grows, these things happen more often, and will continue to because the rewards are worth the risk, or we wouldn’t be doing it. Keep the stoke going and be safe out there.

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    Does anyone know if any of them were wearing any kind of avalanche snow bag??

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