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    Sad news. She charged and was an inspiration!

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    Oh no, just heard this. Forever the coolest splitboarder here. Staightline it through the pearlygates LizDee, ride on.

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    Incredibly sad to hear. Best wishes to her friends and family.

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    Sad sad news.

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    wow…too many, too young with so much to live for. Thank You Liz for your inspiration, for your stoke and for your smile. I will not forget! Hug your kids, call your parents…leave nothing unsaid to the ones you love. Much peace and love to all.

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    As was said above, what a kick to the gut. I didn’t know Liz personally, but always followed her TR’s and loved her stoke. She seemed to be living life to the fullest and was an inspiration to so many. A genuine person. This news is so sad. RIP Liz, and condolences to family and friends.

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    Such sad news. It was so cool to watch her rocket to super stardom in the last couple years. It is hard to believe Liz is gone. She will be my hero forever, such a hugely iconic splitboard chick.

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    A huge and shocking loss for the splitboard community! Saw it on Russmans FB and my heart sank. I also only knew her through her contributions here, but was always in awe of her radness!! This is just terrible! My condolences go out to her family and friends! RIP Liz

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Dam Liz this is the worst news. You were one of the brightest stars in our small community. You will continue to inspire many to live life fully and always keep seeking adventure. Thanks for everything you have given us. Your crazy trip reports will live on forever. So gutted.

    Rest in peace.

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    So sad. I’m sorry to all friends and family.

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    Ugh. Why do the best ones go too soon? This is sad. She ripped so hard. And she was so cool for sharing mega stoke with everyone. Rip, Liz. You’re a true hero 😀 .

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    It is so hard to find words at this point… Liz, JP, and Andreas, all gone in a flash of a moment.
    I had never had the pleasure of meeting Liz in person, but had quite a bit of communication with her through the last few years. Her enthusiasm and stoke for our sport, the mountains, and life in general will be sorely missed, and not just by the snow sliding community.
    For us splitters, we have lost one of our brightest young stars.
    Deepest to condolences to her friends and family, right now it is hard to imagine how to move forward.

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    Such sad news, vibes to her friends and family, will miss seeing her TR’s. 🙁

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    RIP Liz!

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    Essay: Thoughts on Honoring the Dead, and the Living

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    ^^^ well-done article.

    Here’s an interview with her on the Karakoram site:

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    Great interview. Her stoke was contagious.

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    Sad news… Best vibes to family and friends!

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    @boardgeezer wrote:

    Essay: Thoughts on Honoring the Dead, and the Living

    Thanks for posting. Very poignant.

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    Liz is a huge inspiration to me and especially my wife. Although we didn’t know her, in this close splitboard community, we felt like we did. Always stoked to see a new trip report or an Epic TV segment. It is so devastating and it really hurts and leaves you wondering why we do this stuff.

    I can’t image the pain and sorrow of her friends and family. I hope you find strength in knowing that she did touch and inspire people for something so apparently silly as riding a snowboard or climbing up a rock or mountain.

    What a freakin’ badass, smiling the whole way and crushing stereotypes. :bow:

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