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    So sad. Obviously this is a huge loss for the international splitboard community. My deepest condolences to Liz’s family and friends.

    El cuerpo de la turista norteamericana fue rescatado del Cerro Vespignani

    La norteamericana Elizabeth Devon Daley, nacida en 1985, es la víctima del accidente ocurrido en el día de ayer en la ladera del Cerro Vespignani en la zona del Lago del Desierto. Su cuerpo descansa en el puesto sanitario local, esperando las actuaciones que permitan su traslado.

    Durante la jornada de ayer, aproximadamente a las 14 horas, se dio aviso de una avalancha en el Cerro Vespignani, en la margen Oeste del Lago del Desierto, donde un grupo de turistas realizaban esquí y snowboarding.

    Se desconoce si el grupo de turistas estaba realizando una actividad guiada o si se encontraban por cuenta propia, la realidad es que en el lugar se encontraban personas de El Chaltén que pudieron dar el aviso de emergencia.

    Elizabeth Devon Daley, de 29 años, estaba sobre su tabla de snowboard cuando una avalancha la arrastró y no logró sobrevivir. Quienes se encontraban allí, pudieron rescatar su cuerpo y comenzar el descenso hacia el valle.

    Personal de Gendarmería Nacional y Parques Nacionales, sumado algún voluntario de la Comisión de Auxilio del Centro Andino El Chaltén, se trasladaron desde El Chaltén para apoyar las operaciones de rescate que ya habían sido puestas en marcha.

    Alrededor de las 21 horas de ayer, el grupo arribó a la localidad, el cuerpo de Elizabeth Devon Daley espera ahora su traslado desde el puesto sanitario local. Las actuaciones de los hechos ocurridos recayeron en la Policía de Santa Cruz, debido al lugar donde ocurrió, fuera del Parque Nacional, en la Reserva Provincial de Lago del Desierto, quienes deberán informar al juzgado de El Calafate.


    ugh, what a wild day.
    First Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair … now Liz D :thumbsdown:


    fuck! condolences to all of the friends and family. brutal day indeed. rest in peace LIZ


    Terrible! Always enjoyed her TR’s and stoke. Sad day for sure.


    Damn. Her presence in our community will certainly be missed. Rest in peace, Liz.


    Horrible news. I enjoyed the enthusiasm, daring adventures, and fun loving attitude that shined in Liz’s trip reports. She will be missed.


    So shit, loved following her TRs and photos. Always high stoke and a great attitude. She will definitely be missed by our community and the larger ones she was a part of.


    Damn, my heart sank. Too Young to go…..Too young to go

    fuck fuck fuck


    Horrible…such talent, life and love between them all.

    Rico in AZ

    Ride In Peace Liz.
    You’ve been and will continue to be an inspiration.
    If only your excitement and love of life could be universally infectious.


    Pretty damn awful day. Vibes to their family and friends.

    That was Pontus


    Brutal. Following her well detailed & documented TRs on here over the years has been always been inspiring & maybe more importantly a lesson in motivation and drive.




    Mike Hardaker

    kick to the gut.. Liz had been scoring epic conditions in Patagonia or littleak as she called it:
    I wrote up a quick little story about Liz and included some pictures:


    Too soon, too young, too much ahead of her. RIP Liz. You are missed. 😥

    christoph benells

    ebola in the u.s, mountain guides beheaded by ISIL, andreas, j.p. and liz….

    I’m generally scared for the future. I think the world may be ending.

    RIP liz, pretty hard to comprehend this stuff right now.


    WTFing F?!? Got on for the first time in months to find this… Don’t know what to say. So terrible. 😥 Her TR’s were always so inspiring and it really seemed like she was living life. RIP.


    Absolutely devastated by todays news, but this one really hits home. Liz was a friend, we met at Wheeler Hut (Roger’s Pass) just last winter, we kept in touch and I rode a wave of her endless stoke all winter/spring while she shredded Gnar in Cham/Europe, PNW and while guiding on Denali.

    I can’t describe in words how much energy and enthusiasm she had for the sport and the mountains. She was warm, funny, caring and thoughtful. I knew her only a short time and she left a huge impression on me. Condolences go out to her family and friends. Hey BF Davide posted a great photo of them this morning, before I had heard of the news, so crushed, too young and vibrant to go.

    I guess I won’t see you in the Dolomites this winter Liz, but you’ll be in my thoughts always. Thanks for all you’ve done for the sport!


    So sad. Makes me think how much I care about all of you guys/gals, the ones I’ve ridden with and the ones I know only from their words and pictures. I actually had the chance to ride with Liz as well and she was great. Take care everyone.


    I’m speechless.

    Liz was such and inspiration and amazing person. We never had the chance to ride together but we’ve communicated quite a bit over the years. Most recently just a few weeks ago we created a contributor acct for Liz and were really looking forward to it.

    She contributed a lot to our community over the years and will be dearly missed by many.

    Our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends, and fiancé. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Raise a toast for Liz Daley aka LizDee tonight and enjoy some of her awesome TRs.


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