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    hey guys, i’m looking to head to split fest and need a ride. i will pay my share for gas, wont complain about your music, and wont be offended when you tell me my music sucks. let me know if you have a spare seat. thanks.

    oh, and i can take the train to down to the sea/tac area so you dont have to come pick me up in b’ham.

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    If ya wanta take the train all the way down to San Diego , I got room. And lots of shitty music

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    i think that would cost much more than paying my share for gas, but thanks for the offer 🙂

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    I’ve been thinking of going, but can’t make any definite plans. Waiting for my new gas pumps to be installed, and can’t get anyone to commit and say “we’ll do it on ……”, and I may have to fire my help, witch would suck, and mean I’m definitely not going.

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    Next year lets be sure this event dose not get scheduled for the same weekend of my wifes birthday. I would be down otherwise. We gotta have some peeps representing the NW…..Jack did you try nomad yet? He seems to be killing it everywhere this side of the mississippi?

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    How about us NW riders put on our own little get together? Of course anyone would be invited.

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    @jimjar wrote:

    How about us NW riders put on our own little get together? Of course any anyone would be invited.

    Washington pass get together? The first weekend the road opens?

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    WA Pass get together sounds good to me. I have no experience in that area…but I’m up for it. When is this historical opening of that pass…may?june?

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    It depends on the snowpack. I think last year it opened in late march due to the low snow, but we got some dumps in april and it closed again until later that month.

    I’d guess it would be late april/early may most years.

    The DOT posts a projected opening date later in the spring.

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    Heard there will be a late opening this year because of the large amount of snow we had this year.
    I think a NW splitfest is a great idea, I might even be able to take more than 2 days of at a time if I can find a new employee.
    anyone want a job pumping gas?

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    yeah, i am in the process of trying to talk nomad into giving me a ride 😉

    there has to be someone from WA going down?

    a WA splitfest sounds good to me, it looks like there are more here from WA than any other state.

    and topher–just go and bring the wife 😀 😉

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    (doulbe post)

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    Dont think that would Fly, She is not really a big fan of snow, and cold.

    What gives Eh? I figure if I get one season (summer backpacking) of outdoor sports I’m doing better than most guys.. 😀

    Jon Dahl
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    Jack, it might be a little cramped riding w/me in my little car, but I could modify my plans a little and take you with. If you wanna check out the available space, I’ll stop by and let you look after work ’cause I’m in the same town as you during the day. Call me, I’ll pm you my work phone # Jon

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    thanks john (check pm’s)

    no other WA folks though? i would be happy to help drive if you let me 😀

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    I think a get together would be a neato idea. I however, think we might want to choose a more concrete weekend so that if peeps are going to come from ID,WA (not west coast), OR etc that perhaps they can plan for it. Also, so that local peeps can make room in their schedules.


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    anyone? still looking for a ride…

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    Latest report I saw was they would start at it in late March, but if we keep getting al this snow, who knows. Would love to head up there when it opens though.

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    As of yesterday….here is the current hwy20 info

    Spring Reopening On Schedule for The North Cascades Highway

    Date: Monday, March 13, 2006

    Contact: WSDOT NC Region Communications Manager Jeff Adamson (509) 667-2815 E-Mail:

    WENATCHEE – The reopening of SR 20, The North Cascades Highway, will get underway the week of March 20th. For the second time in three weeks, WSDOT North Central Region Avalanche Control technicians evaluated the snow conditions on snowmobiles today. They found deeper snow accumulations from the recent storms and many of the avalanche chutes have still not released their snow loads. That must happen before it’s safe for crews to begin clearing the highway under them. Snow depth at the east closure gate was 5-1/2 feet. Above that point, it was about 7-feet. At the top of Washington Pass, the snow is 7-1/2 feet deep. The deepest accumulation on February 22nd was just east of Washington Pass beneath the Liberty Bell Number Three avalanche chute where snow 45-feet deep covered the highway. At the same time, depths of 20-feet were found further east below Cutthroat Ridge. Avalanche Control Technician Mike Stanford says, “Those are all deeper now.â€Â

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    so Jack, are you coming with Jon? 🙂

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