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    so i skipped scrubfest to race in a boardercross instead. ended up
    coming out of it with a board and some other fun stuff. the board is to
    narrow for me and World Boards won’t let me swap it for a board that i
    can actually put to use, so i’m trying to sell it.

    this is an aggressive expert board.
    retails at 480. i want 300. that’s 37.5% off!
    pick it up for next year. sick ride as long as you don’t have large feet (over size 11).
    waist 25.5
    brand new. still in plastic. i’ll throw in an assorted sticker pack too!

    local sale only.
    cash only.

    check some more info out about the board here:

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    Sounds like you did good. You missed a great time at scrubfest. Next year… I wish I had cash that is a nice board.

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    ya. i just talked to nomad. he’s down at Berthoud Pass. 1-1/2′ of fresh
    and blue bird sky’s for him today. he said scrub was fun, but the snow
    wasn’t all that great. well, tell your friends about my board for sale……
    if they’re looking for a sick new ride.

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    Congrats on the win… Always nice to get some good schwag…

    I’ll vouch for the board quality, but alas, won’t be able to takeit off you hands.. I enjoy my 167 Timeless for resort riding.. Love those boards… It’s taken anything I’ve thrown at it over the last 3 years… It’s a trooper…

    Hope you get some cash for it… Nice stick..

    Greg - NoKnees

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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