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    Best advice would be (idea) to get some pucks from Burton on the forum and then use factory inserts as well.
    Works well and stress is less whilst on the mountain.
    I have had a long walk out after using Quiver killers.
    Looks great..

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    Pretty good idea actually, and after searching around came across your Furberg. Nicely done.

    I do like being able to adjust my stance occasionally, including angles, setback, and stance width depending on conditions and what type of riding – which is why I did the universal pattern to begin with. Problem with the 2x4cm insert pattern is they wont match up with the splitboard inserts(3.325″x1″) when adjusting stance width and setback. I’m thinking I can drill a slot for alignment. So it would be two holes and one slot for each half of the pucks. Anybody’s thoughts? I still do lose angle adjustment but I can live with that.

    Will prob order a set next week to give it a shot.

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    nice work

    i chose to use 1/4-20 ez-lok brand threaded inserts in my NS legacy split to install my dynafit toe pieces and heel lifters. its been 3 seasons of split skiing , flailing, and bailing on them, and they’re holding up fine. i should have done the pucks with them as well, but didnt want to make the full commitment.

    before i did the board, i installed a set of 4 in a junk ski, then pulled them out with a forklift and a digital scale. they held 400lbs of pull without moving, then began to pull at around 500. it wasnt a catastrophic fail, they just started to come out through the topsheet slowly.

    i did have to shorten these up a bit on the belt sander to get them flush without bubbling the base.

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    Sounds like a good easy to do solution Burner.
    The pucks are a bit sort of brittle when drilling so take it easy if using a router/drill for slotting.

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    sorry, I haven’t updated this in a while… ended up getting quite busy with work the past few months. 🙁

    After taking a pretty bad bail on an icy incline(prob one of those times you wish you had crampons), I pulled two of the touring bracket inserts and have since replaced all 6 touring bracket inserts with t-nuts(may not be a problem for people who have got their touring technique down?).

    Also prior to pulling the inserts I went with yogi’s suggestion on using marcus’ custom pucks and mounted using two original inserts and one helicoil insert per each puck half and have been taking quite the beating and still holding up.

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    other ideas: for a non t-nut touring bracket, one could also sand through the top sheet, then epoxy on several layers of carbon fabric, splat the touring bracket on, then after that cures, drill through with 5 ski screws. Or you could epoxy on a 1/16th pre-cured piece of carbon fiber plate, then tap and screw into and through that plate.

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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