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    Man you guys should have seen me yesterday, frontside 360 at like 60 mph. Too bad I was in my fucking car, swerving out of the way of a girl who pulled out of her driveway in front of me without looking!

    Lucky for me, eveyone else was paying attention and I didn’t hit anyone or anything as I was spinning out. Perhaps the t-shirt (now known as my lucky t-shirt) I was wearing had something to do with it. So, after such an event (as well as during as my life was flashing before my eyes) I’m in a contemplative mood. There is only one sure thing in life, you’re checking out at some point. Life is short so live it up. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the community, but our friends of late who have departed are heroes, they all picked lifestyles follow their dreams and spend their time in the mountains, not trapped by the pursuit of money or any other bs. So brothers and sisters, charge those lines, quit that job that sucks, ask that hottie out for a drink, and eliminate the bullshit, because you never know how much time you’ve got. You only get one life, don’t forget to live it. Can I get a hell yeah?

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    Sick lines dood!

    Glad you’re ok.

    And HELL YEAH!

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    Nice carves, dude.

    Amen to your comments.

    I’m commiting to trying to find lines to ride all spring and summer. It’ll be winter again soon enough.

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    Was the girl hot that you almost crashed into? Did you ask her out???

    Looks like you pulled off that 360 with some mad steez yo.

    Glad you are okay.

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    KC, you’re cracking me up. She actually was pretty cute, but I’ve got a great girl at home that doesn’t drive like a dumbass

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    Nice drivin Will!

    Bet that was a pretty decent adrenaline hit. Glad everyone emerged unscathed.

    Subies are good rides, those tire marks are almost pretty enough for the one track thread.


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    Nice!! Good to hear no one is any worse for the wear. Is that frontage? I have had some close calls out there and it’s not like it is a visibilty issue. Oh yeah, it looks like you rode it out!! Sweet

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    yeah that is on mile one of the frontage road going east from town, it’s right by the pepsi bottling plant. That road is straight as an arrow for over a mile, visibility definately isn’t a problem, just people being stupid. I think I’m taking the interstate from now on.

    thanks for all the positivity ya’ll

    Dave, I bet it’s good to see what your car can do without having to do it yourself eh?

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    That pic should go in the One Track Mind thread. 😮

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    whew! on my way home from big sky today a pickup truck almost nailed a Suby that was stopped waiting for traffic to take left turn on 191. the dude in the truck obviously wasn’t paying attention, but i was and noticed that he wasn’t putting on his brakes. oh shit! here we go. i backed off. right at the last minute the truck drove off into the ditch and made it around the Suby. the truck bounced around a little bit, but made it back onto the road. whew! that was close.

    point it! HELL YEAH ❗

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    nothing like a near death experience to shake shit up and make someone wax philosophical. Too many “perspective-enhancing” events in my life lately, but none quite that personally scary. Mostly shit happening to friends.

    Glad you’re fine and remember what’s important.

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    scary stuff Will!

    Glad you’re ok!!! 😀

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