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    I tried Catapult and in the end found them lacking in a number of ways.
    1. No phone number if problems come up.
    2. A dashboard menu that locks in the data too quickly. If you make a mistake, you do not get the chance to review and edit at the end of the song/info
    entry process. You are stuck! AND they may refuse to help you make changes.
    Very poor customer support.
    3. Their stores serve largely the subscription and streaming market. The vast majority of these stores fall into this market. Not good for the band or composer.
    4. Everyone has their opinion. And you have the right to your opinion. My opinion is avoid this company. They may be OK for a single. But I would certainly not approach them with an album. For an album, you want a distributor that is dedicated to you as a customer and is absolutely willing to work with you. IMO, it’s not this company.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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