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    does anybody have any experience reusing his split kit on a new board? What new parts do you need?



    ptex discs if you use them
    rivets for tip clips

    locknuts for the chinese hooks (i would definitely reuse them if they have only been tightened on once, after that i guess it depends how threaded they have become)
    the screws for the chinese hooks should be fine, but could be messy if you sealed the holes with epoxy or urethane.
    the sticker templates are reusable if you kept them and neatly used them originally, but you can get a new set from voile or you can download and print your own templates.

    i think everything else is reusable. email voile and ask them, they are really helpful and have all the parts needed to transfer the kit, even if some of the things aren’t listed under their spare parts section they can get it to you. they even sent me replacement rivets and extra spacers (not listed on their site) for free when i got spare parts for the same purpose.


    thanks for the fast reply! this will really help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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