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    The old standby brought the goods. Several laps brought much needed stoke. Less time in the car and on the approach means more time to ride. And the days are short. And I was lazy. Happy new year.

    The west face of Garfield…a place that will never get ridden

    Saw a skintrack on Red Mt…was it you?

    The classic alpental fog creeping up valley and chair peak

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    Great pics!

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    nice looking photos

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    Is that first pic of a guy on the new BC tele blades? Drop that knee and get a facefull of cement kook buddy! Cold smokin….

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    Ha…i dont know why people put the board back together. BC tele blades are the next level.

    cold smoke?

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    Super nice pictures brother… how come you didn’t bring that broken board rockin tasty beer swillin fancy lad 20 mile approach lovin Ale_Caponed with ya? Was it cuz yer hangin’ with skiiers?

    Keep the stoke comin’ lads :thatrocks:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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