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    Does any one know of a place you can rent a split in Portland or Seattle? I am trying to put a St Helens trip together and get one of my good friends into a splitboard for the trip. I really don’t like the Idea of waiting for him to catch up one snowshoes


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    i’m pretty sure second ascent in ballard rents splitboards.

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    Yea they did have some demo’s but Last time i was in there they didn’t have any left. They said maybe next season. I don’t understand what this whole season stuff is? Isn’t it still winter?

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    Oregon Mountain Community in Portland had an old Split Decision 166 for rent two years ago. Hopefully they have upgraded to a Mojo.


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    How does your pal ride? Regular? Goofy? Angles? I have a DIY split in the garage that I could make available. It is regular, about +18* Front and +6* Rear.

    I also have an older burton custom split with burton interface.

    I won’t loan out my Mojo though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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