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    Hey fellow splitters,

    I am new to Reno and I am looking to get hooked up with some people that like to get in the BC. I have a board and all the gear along with experience. Hit me back if you are intersted in grabbing a beer or if you just want to hit it. I am 27, in good athletic shape and would describe my BC riding level as intermediate/advanced.

    I also like to rock climb, mountain bike and practice mountaineering.

    Talk to ya soon,


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    Whats up dude? I’m planning on riding Tuesday. My name is Sean. Give me a call @ (925)354-1636 or email me @ I’m not sure if my buddy’s going to roll or not. Either way I’m shredding, so give me a holler.


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    Welcome, come on out the the Echo lake splitfest next weekend! meet some splitters drink some beer and win some prizes

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    I’ll ride with you. I’ve been riding for 18 years, and just built my first split board last summer. I have years of back country experience. I’m also a photographer. Shoot me an email. and lets hook up. I mostly ride north shore.

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    hey fellow splitters,

    Glad to get some hits. My email is I am a 9 to 5er so I usually hit it on weekends. I am 25 minutes from Mount Rose.

    I will shoot some emails.


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    Yeah Snow!

    I’m new to this forum. I live just outside Grass Valley, and am amped for backcountry season here to fire back up. My roommate and go-to backcountry partner recently (and selfishly) moved to CO, and none of my friends here are really into skinning or have the gear. I am very willing and able to drive anywhere in the Tahoe region with enough notice.

    I’m looking for friends to develop a trusting backcountry relationship, with open lines of communication, solid skills, and lust for fun. I have a fairly high capacity for risk and big hopes for this season in the Sierras. I’ve just returned from avy1 at Silverton Avalanche School, have all standard avy gear, and am ready to nerd out on some test pits.

    I’m 28 and in decent physical shape. I’m new to splitting this season, but a recent trip to southwest CO has me addicted, and feeling confident in my skills and the rhythm of the tour. I’m currently funemployed, and motivated for turns any day of the week. Any notice is good, though.

    So, let’s do this! I will check this forum frequently, but feel free to message me or email at this screenname @ gmail.

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    Lets get together. What are you up to this weekend? Sean and I are going to hit it. Its going to be epic.



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    Jake, Im a weekender from the Bay but I’m up in north shore most good weekends. I met Sean and some other guys at the splitfest so I’m looking for partners also. Trying to get out today if I can .
    Vito 510 390 7867

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    Can someone take a newbie under their wings for some mellow, safe tours?

    I just got my splitboard, beacon, and probe. I’m taking the Huckleberry Canyon backcountry class at Sierra this weekend. Then will be taking one of the ASI backcountry course the following week.

    I’m 36 and living in Fair Oaks, east of Sacramento. I have 4wd vehicle with dedicated snow tires for the winter so can drive anywhere. Free most weekends and many weekdays depending on snow condition.

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    Jake, sorry I missed you, I’m sure it was amazing. I’ll try to be better about checking this amongst excitement over big storms.

    I went out sunday and rode the closest run to my house, into Bear Valley off of 20. Only rides a couple days a season, and was marginal at best.

    Looking get some next week after this big storm. Any takers? I’d love to bag a big-ish summit.

    I’m also looking to organize a trip in the not-so-distant future to Lassen, and possibly something on Shasta schedules and conditions permitting.

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    I am warming up for BC, and contemplating getting a split board, but I have ridden snowboard BC before. I have a pass at Kirkwood, so I go there most. I really want to try their CAT snow expeditions where they take you up on the snowcat. Ill be there Friday and Sat for the clinic. You can email me privately.

    At Kirkwood this Saturday they have an all day, all mountain clinic

    There is something going on at Lassen this weekend.

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