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    Well, this has nothing to do with splitboarding (except for the fact that this happened while packing for a split trip, does that count??), but I figure some other folks on the forum must have run into this same problem. If not I’m gonna feel like a real dumbass. So, I just washed and dried a load of laundry, and found a (now empty) tube of chapstick in the dryer. Crap. Now all my favorite shirts have a bunch of dark waxy stains all over them.

    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve done this before and apparently haven’t learned my lesson, but before it wasn’t as bad because the chapstick was almost empty and it only got on a few shirts. I was able to get the stains mostly out by a combination of various cleaners and lots of elbow grease, but even then they didn’t completely come out. But this time it’s way worse, so I’m looking for a magic bullet cleaner that I can apply to the stains, let them sit, wash, and magically have them be gone. Any suggestions based on actual use?

    The interwebs turned up a recommendation for Un-Du candle wax remover (which I’m trying to find), but I’m open to any and all other ideas:

    Thanks, I’d really like to preserve my favorite dirtbag shirts for another 10 years… 🙂

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    Charcoal Lighter fluid. You could spend more money and buy a de-greaser but it will be charcoal lighter with a perfume sent added.

    Put the lighter fluid on the stain and let it sit. or soak. Then rinse that out with the hottest water you can get

    Then wash

    Then if you still have spots put Dawn dishwashing liquid on those (also a de-greaser) and rewash.

    I spill crap on myself all the time. The Dawn trick works pretty good even if you have washed and dried the article of clothing several times

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    Hmm, I’ll try it. I know that was one of the things I tried last time. Just to clarify I’m talking wax, not grease, dunno if that makes much of a difference as far as what to use.

    Got some Dawn too, that stuff works great for cleaning brake rotors that have been contaminated w/brake fluid. 🙂

    Come to think of it, maybe I could use the same solvent I use on the base of the board for when I need to completely clean all the wax off…

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    I use mylar baloons!

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    Dry cleaning?

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    I meant to tell you… your clothes were ugly anyways. Consider it a sign.

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