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    As I have been riding through avi terrain there is the thought in the back of my mind that I have a big anchor strapped to my feet if I get caught in an avalanche. I currently ride Switch step-ins and there are a few ways I could rig them to manually release if I had to. But all my methods would be labor intensive and just another thing to mess around with at the top.
    Curious as to what others use?
    Anything simple?

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    In short it seems folks use either the pates or straps they always use. Clickers and toe bails (and likely FAS or INTEC) can be rigged fairly easily to release with a teather. Do a search and you should find a bit of info on others set ups.T 😉

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    I never knew that it could be done like that, really incredible. :evil::evil:

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    is anyone aware of any links or how-tos for the ‘tether’ system for toe-bail bindings?



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    Bringing this back up … I’m curious to learn more about bailing on a board if needed. Any new developments? Anyone use a bail system they’ve rigged up?

    The Fonz
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    I can get out of my Flows pretty quick!

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    The step in binding? Outside of that, anyone have something they know of or have seen before?

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