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    Are there any companies that make a releasable snowboard binding? I was wondering because I keep reading information about how dangerous snowboards can be in an avalanche and was wondering if anyone makes anything that would release your board during an avalanche.

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    slides are dangerous on skis too, and its best to avoid them entirely.

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    i’ve always thought i could tie a string to the little hole in the Clicker plastic release tab, run them up my pants leg, then put them somewhere to grab.

    little bit of dreaming as i thought it would be tough to place the actual release end of the cord the right way so that it would work, keep tension, etc.

    anybody done/thought of that?

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    Some folks have rigged releases for clickers… Another option if you hardboot in snowboard boots is to go the “intec” route. It’s a stepin for hardbooters and has a pull-release integrated into the boot. Requires boots with “Intec” compatable heals. An extension can be rigged up the pants leg from the boot to provide a remote release as well.

    Anyway, this is an area that still can use some work… I still have the paranoid worry of only a partial release. One foot, not the other. I’ve watched it happen and my knee still cringes at the thought…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    K2 actually offered an avy-release strap for Clickers like 6-8 yeas ago. It basically went between the release levers and you just reach down and yank it to eject both bindings. I always wondered, “Wouldn’t that suck if a tree branch or something caught that leash while riding?”

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    Found the binding I was thinking of, but it appears they may have stopped making it due to the lack of support they could get for it. The old link was: but it now just forwards to “Revelotion snowboards” and doesn’t show the binding anymore…

    Search the web for “Miller” and “Z Interface” and you’ll find some info on the concept…

    Greg - NoKnees

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