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    Recall Notice For Ortovox M1 and M2 Transceivers

    By Press Release

    Posted 09.07.2005

    September 6, 2005; (Hopkinton, NH) – In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Ortovox is announcing a recall for all M1 and M2 model avalanche transceivers.

    It has been determined that a very sharp impact, beyond the EN300 standard, could result in the shutdown of an M1 or M2. Other Ortovox models are not subject to this recall.

    Owners will NOT need to send their M1 or M2 back to Ortovox. To solve the problem, all that is required is a new battery door, which Ortovox will provide at no charge, with replacement instructions.

    Ortovox dealers will have new doors in stock by September 15, or Ortovox will send any owner a free replacement door directly. Instructions on sending an email or faxed request for a replacement door can be found at (as of 9/2) or on a recorded announcement at 888-215-3131 (effective immediately). The call is free.

    Ortovox asks that M1 and M2 owners please refrain from calling the main Ortovox number – everything they need can be found on the site or through 888-215-3131.

    Two things to note: a) No failures of this type have ever been reported in the field, under actual usage. Only two of over 100,000 Ortovox beacons have experienced a failure of this type b) There have been reports of similar problems with other beacon brands, although Ortovox has not documented this.

    There are current standards among battery manufacturers for length, width and diameter, but a pretty wide range exists. Whatever brand of beacon one uses, careful inspection of battery fit should take place whenever batteries are replaced. In particular, all users should avoid batteries that have a concave surface on the negative pole, as opposed to a flat or slightly raised surface, both of which perform well in all impact tests.

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    yah, I saw that post on the cascadeclimbers site. One problem though – I have one of the oldest m1 models produced, and cannot seem to find the serial # inside the battery compartment (it’s supposed to be behind the big screw – what big screw?).

    Does anyone know the difference between the m1 and m2? It’s probably about time for me to upgrade anyways.

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    upgrade sounds good, i’m still rockin’ the F1 😛

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    @jack wrote:

    i’m still rockin’ the F1 😛

    me too 🙂

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    f1s still work great and so do m1s, but after maybe six (?) years with the same transceiver, it’s probably a good idea to replace it.

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