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    @cometogether wrote:

    can you give me a weight on each piece and a cost to ship to the US? 80216

    50grams + 3 screws.

    $165 +$30 shipping to the US
    $140USD+30 shipping for toe piece only no adapter plate.

    Kyle Miller
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    Wish I saw the final product while I was down there.

    Really peeps not only do these bindings seem rad the Kiwi ingenuity is unreal.

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    please explain no adapter plate? similar to the dynafit mounts? instead of 3 screws? pics of the touring piece please!

    that’s even lighter than the super lights! 😯

    wasatch surf
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    I could be way into getting the touring piece as well. beautiful binding. strong work ChrisNZ! looks like we have a new contender in the binding market.

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    This thread has been dead for almost 2 years. Anyone been riding these and want to give some feedback?

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    This thread has been dead for almost 2 years. Anyone been riding these and want to give some feedback?

    I’m one of those still waiting for stuff from them: ordered the toe pierces in Mars (!), got only a couple of vague e-mail replies about things still under development…

    Actually, did anybody manage to get something from them?

    @chrisnz, please, post some news here! The snow is coming to the Alps!

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    I received the toe piece after a lengthy delay. light and well made.
    In the end I still prefer dynafits for touring though

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    I still prefer dynafits for touring

    You gotta explain this at least a bit.

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    Updated the tech binding design to work with La Sportiva Boots. La Sportiva is becoming more popular and for some reason they have a different soles to dynafit. More rocker and bigger sole around the toe. So added 3.5mm of height which took a bit of work with new fixtures and programing. All green anodized tech bindings ( currently shipping) are 3.5mm higher to work with almost every boot?


    Made progress on climbing bars for hard and soft boots. Working on production side of the design. Some what harder than coming up with the stuff.

    Were still slow and apologies on delays working hard to improve production and scale with demand. But its always a challenge. Tech bindings are shipping as i type and all should be out this week all new green anodized and La Sportiva compatible!

    Some winter stoke. Loving the updates from the northern hemi already.

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    Hey Chris – is the tech toe piece compatible with Scarpa Alien?


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    Yeah all hardboots will fit in green tech bindings. Scarpa was ok in the lower tech binding. You can also remove the carbon fiber adapterplate and direct mount to get extra clerence on the lower tech binding to make it work.

    I have only seen a few La Sportiva models with clerence problems.

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    ChrisNZ, any discounted stock of the originals without the adapter for a low budget weight weenie?

    I do dig the green though

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    @vapor, can you expand on your comment about preferring Dynafits? The Rangers are about .77 lbf lighter than the Speed Radicals with adapter plates you can get from Spark. And $73 cheaper too.

    Also, what solutions are people using for the heel risers? Without an adapter plate the heel riser will strike in the wrong place. This is the only thing really keeping me from pulling the trigger on getting me some. Well… that and availability.

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    nothing wrong with them. Just found the dynas easier to get into and when your in an awkward positiontrying to to get in or out that meens a lot.

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    @whitepine, you might be able to get heel risers only from Phantom, they are the nicest that I’ve used so far.

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    @jason4, I’ve actually contacted Phantom (John) about buying the tour mode only option but its not on their order form so I don’t know if they will sell it like that. Still waiting on a response from them. In fact, still waiting on responses from Ranger too. Maybe everyone is still on vacation.

    Taco Otten
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    Is there a DIN rating on the toe piece? How come I don’t see anything on DIN on splitboard toe pieces? One of the things I like about boarding over skiing is the lesser risk with my knees.

    Like the look of the heel lock in ski mode. What is a splitboard like to ski? On rolling terrain this might be a really nice option to have until you get to more prolonged fall lines.

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    DIN certification is expensive, long, and complicated. Any splitboard binding company that tried to do it probably wouldn’t be able to foot the bill before going out of business… When you consider that hardbooters are a niche group of a niche sport, the picture looks even worse.

    Hope this helps,

    Taco Otten
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    Yeah, that’s fair enough. I wasn’t looking for an accurate certified number, more just wondering what the equivalent number roughly would be.

    I’ve got it in my head that I wouldn’t mind trying to ski mellow terrain rather than putting the board back together. No idea how half a board would ski though, but I’m not thinking as an objective anyway. Just an added flexibility in use.
    That heel lock looks pretty sweet, but not having an idea on release strength makes me a little nervous.

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    I don’t know if these are even available to purchase. The pictures on their website don’t reflect what I see on the forum or their Facebook page.

    Also, I put question to them about 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard a response. I think I’m going to look for another option.

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