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    Thought i’d start a thread for 2017 pics that don’t fit the full tr section but should be epic stoke shots.

    Photo taken by maniacdave in the rossland range. The locals were lapping a 20 cm dump at the hill while we were getting the goods.


    This season has been pretty horrible for the French Alps, but it has been an absolute blast for Eastern Europe.
    It has been -15C for the past week or so down to almost sea level on the Balkans with ~1.5m of snow in the mountains on top of the decent base we already had. So no shortage of epic pics

    Hardboot airs with style


    not epic but figured this thread could use some photos

    Red Lake Peak, Tahoe – Christopher Cross Chute

    Stevens Peak,Tahoe


    Utah has has had a pretty active thread all season, we tend not to write trip reports about riding stuff we can see from our houses, but there are some great photos none the less. A bit of everything represented from snurfpunks riding trees in the Uinta’s to our dynasplit brothers hitting the Wasatch’s classic big lines

    Utah 16-17 season

    A few from my season


    Old wood

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc


    Im home bored on a wet crappy snow day here in big bear, getting some stoke up with the pictures from this year here are a bunch. It was good locally, not so much now.

    overnight trip to Butler Peak, San Bernardino Mountains, Fawnskin, CA

    Sugarloaf Mountain Area, San Bernardino Mountain, Big Bear City, CA

    San Jacinto Wilderness, Jean Peak

    Chicken Wing, Eastern Sierra between June and Mammith


    Will attempt later, Safe Travels



    It has been a great year so far in Las Vegas. Yesterday we were out in full storm conditions with 2 feet of fresh. Didn’t take any pics yesterday but these are from this year. All are about 35 minutes from my house in the desert valley floor. Lots of pics cause its been awhile since we have had a good season and i finally figured out how to post pics on this forum!


    a few more…

    Touring around Eagle Point the week before they opened.
    Touring around Eagle Point the week before the opened

    First day on snow this year, Eagle Point
    first day on snow

    First time we were able to explore off of the Bristlecone trail in the Spring Mountains, been too thin the last few years.
    lee canyon, first time exploring off the bristlecone trail

    Before work lap on the ridge above the Lee Canyon ski resort
    before work lap, las vegas

    First time up guardsman pass SLC.
    first time up guardsmans pass SLC

    Wasatch, BCC

    More Lee Canyon, photo credit Shanti Colangelo-Curran. You can see the brown valley floor down the canyon.


    Oh man, I’s stoked! Thanks @beantown.
    Is that Chip on San Jacinto?
    And yea, it sure was good. When’s it gonna freeze again? Spring missions, here we come!

    And @bcall8 Lee Canyon is the shit! I’m so stoked to head out there in two weekends. What a great season they’ve had.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...


    Hans hit me up when you come to town.


    Some shots from the Wasatch this year…

    Check out the Utah conditions thread for more 16/17 season trip reports

    Its been an unreal winter so far…take care!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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