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    Someone on Craigslist was giving a pair away in my size so I grabbed them.. Are these any good for splitting? Were these good boots when they came out?

    Jon Dahl
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    Fine boots…for carving. Too heavy for the splitboard, unless you like 5+ lbs per foot! I liked my 123″s for riding, even for splitting. Sucked for hiking. My $.02

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    I extensively modded a pair of the 124s, and made them work well for splitting. I cut down the cuff, eliminating the top buckle, and a lot of weight. Then I cut down the tabs on the inner shell to increase the flex. I also modded the forward lean mechanism to allow the boot to flex forward some while still locking in the forward lean. Get rid of the really heavy inner boot and mold up a pair of Intuition Alpine liners, and mod the boot, and it can work very well for splitting. Still not as light as my Dynafits, but about the same weight as Driver X/Sparks-compared to modded 124s/Burton Race Plate/Voile plate bindings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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