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    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

    Touring into an area this weekend I’ve never been to before bounded to the north by wilderness – so access is from the SE. The bowl I want to ride has a N – NE aspect so it won’t have much meaning to dig pits going in. I’ve contacted almost every source I could think of trying to get avy info with no luck yet(still trying).

    How would you approach the bowl before jumping in? I’ll break cornice(if there) & board cut going in & dig a pit & Rutschblock just under the rim. Anything else I should do? Also if approaching such a circumstance travelling solo what is the best way(& tools to use) to maintain safety while cutting cornices. Was in such a place 2 weeks ago & ridgeline snow was really shallow with primarily small scree rock the dominant terrain under surface. Really didn’t see much for a solid anchor point except on the cornice itself but then?

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    Well, as a patroller and anvalanche istructor in training I would say Dont Go. But as a splitboarder I can understand your desire for the deep and lack of a partner. But ,you have left off all the important information. What is the angle of the slope you want to drop? How deep is your present snowpack? When was the last time it snowed? What is the water content of the snow? Lots of varibles you have left out that would help make a better decision. Sounds like you know what to do by digging a pit under the rim, but are you going to tie off to an anchor or picket as you go over the lip to dig your pit? I think it all comes down to how safe are you to you? And I think you should base your go/no go choice jst like if you had someone with you. Would you send them down this bowl based on your decision ? If after that you can ansew yes, then go for it. Just make sure you leave a detailed route plan with someone before you go. Good Luck

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    as a human being, don’t travel solo. ❗

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    Sometimes a little soul searching is in order. Now might be a good time to get some avy training, find some mentors, travel with experienced bc folks. The slope will always be there, waiting for you, when you’re ready.

    Or maybe you can get Powderbirds to nuke everything for you. 🙂

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    I can relate to going solo, if I can find a partner great but if not, oh well. I’d say stay away from the bowl, without more info, I’d stick to the trees. Without a partner you’d be screwed if it did slide. Anchoring yourself below the lip to dig a pit is a recipie for an epic. If you decide the danger is too great you’d have to climb back out all the while hoping the thing held together. What if the slope goes lip and all? Without a similar aspect in which to dig a pit I’d save the bowl for a day with a partner.


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    Slope angle(based on topo contours) is ~35-40. Its a large bowl so if it goes it could be a large slide so terrain says don’t go unless I’m sure. I can ride out the aspect I came in & yo-yo that hill which is fine if avy conditions are yellow/red. I tried to talk local BC buddies into this trip but they all have various excuses to not go. I have reasons for going this weekend in particular but don’t have any pretensions about getting that apsect no matter what. Just hope to do so if possible & safe.

    Snowpack is more dense than local pack but not as wind effected. According to snotel info its ~30% moisture content at 7,000′ but the brunt of the run is >7,600′.

    I’ve done a good level 1 and feel comfortable in decision making I just thought I’d review & make sure I wasn’t forgetting some test/criteria I should be considering. Kinda like group decision making prior to hitting a solo outing.

    So far all locals info on the area is supplied by “bilers” so its sketchy at best & they can’t go into the area I’m going(legally).

    Thanks for all the helps & tips

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    a few more things to remember, particularly running solo.

    escape route, if the sh&t hits the fan where are you going to go?
    if there is a shoulder or an obvious place for a skin track back up (read: safe(r)) then ride down that area first to assess the snowpack, then you can dig a couple of pits on the way up if necessary.

    if it is a drop it from the top and down the middle type of deal. be sure to do that, i.e. don’t come in from the side. you want to be at the top of anything that might go (sluff/slide).

    also on your hike in if you can detour to a similar aspect/elevation slope you can find out a lot of info about the snowpack, this may be worthwhile even if it reduces your riding on said face. plus maybe you can get a short side run out of it.

    play safe, have fun, report back how the goods were.

    stick to your training: are all system green? and listen to your spidy sense. if you get that ummm i’m not sure feeling. listen to it.

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