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    Rico in AZ
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    Jibmaster, don’t forget a pic of that badass Jeep in your arsenal!

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    You mean this one?

    Oh, no – wait, you meant this one.

    How ’bout we put the canoe on the other Jeep.

    Speaking of Letts Lake… it’s high time I head out to Snow Mountain.

    Only after me and sirjibalot slay Hull next week.

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    Who’s the kook with the helmet and no goggles.

    We’ll be up at Hull on Saturday, yo.

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    Nice! Take shitloads of pictures. I skipped this week, so we need some beta and stoke.

    sneeky jesus
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    my pride and joys. sad to say not much time on the grand marnier boards, but i havent done much resort riding this year, and the bud light burton got the most attention when i did. even sadder to say i’ve put zero miles on that specialized, but its damn cold in the east and i’m not risking one ounce of its carbon fibery goodness till theres no salt anywhere on the roads here.

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    I figured it was time to dust this thread off…..

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    Nice Quiver TwoStowe!

    I remember the Burton Air6.1… had one… Got that board from the shop as they were announcing Kurt Cobain’s death… Warm day at the mountain….

    Back in my “racing days” i use to crave for a Factory Prime… Had a bunch of used boards from Burton, K2, Checkered Pig and finally a Nitro Scorpion 160… Ah racing!

    Oh yeah… and i never visited The B-Side…. but they use to come up to Jay for demos and leave a bunch of stickers in the late 80s… I was a kid back then who just started snowboarding and those B-side stickers were all over the place! lol!

    Good stuff in there… T6 and all…

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    thanks bigjay, i’m somewhat of a sentimentalist when it comes to my quiver.

    The T6’s have pretty much replaced riding hard boots for me. My old one is now my rock board

    There are a few holes that I’m currently trying to fill. Anyone got a circa 1995-ish Brushie Pro Model , Cruzin 153? Takeoff of the earlier Burton Cruzer graphic. Yellow – Orange stripes.

    Jimmy T
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    @twostowe wrote:

    I love the modified “skin it if you can” mad river sticker. Classy :thumpsup:

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    rubbishy pic, but here we go:

    Red one = favouritest board ever, now resting in peace after terminal edge damage.

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    ….just couldn’t help myself

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    now thats a quiver!

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    yeah, wish it was mine 🙂

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    Here’s my quiver. Yeah – I know, I like to drink Dutch Bros coffee – hence the stickers. Boards range from 156 – 169, though it’s kinda hard to tell from the pictures.

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    Updated 12-18-2011

    Left to right…..
    Arbor Formula Swally|Split 163
    Voile 195 ST
    Nitro Saber 180 ST
    Wasatch Mojo 178 ST (Favorite)
    1984 Burton Performer

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    It was time to dust off the family quiver, well some of it, 😳 and scared of the ridacule to put the all the cross country and ski related stuff out except Ty’s 70 voykl tiger sharks he :rock: s’m

    kinda a crappy pic and yes I am a self admitted gear junkie..

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    I may have posted these before but here’s last years quiver
    Splitboards and all mountain


    Tapered boards

    Some of the Arbors

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    Well I finally got around to cleaning up the garage and it seemed like a good time to take a shot of the quiver.

    From left to right: Vision Precision 158(my first board), Rossignol 159 Alpine board, Burton BMC 156, Flow Solitude 161, Volkl Sting 160 Splitboard, Ride Concept UL 159, Voile Mojo 161 Splitboard, Burton Custon 158 ICS OTC, Burton Fish 156.

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    Voile split desion 166 on the left and sims chaos 164 on the right.

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