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    Peter Fladmark


    i’m just about to purchase my first splitboard and i had a quick question reguarding what parts comes with the binding. I know that the plates that you slide the binding on when your going in snowboard mode comes with the board, but im not sure if the plates that you mount the binding on when going in ski mode comes with the binding.
    the binding im purchasing is the Burton -Spark RD Hitchhiker binding and the board is the Burton custom split.

    thanks in advance for any feedback 🙂


    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    Not so fast there Kemosabe…
    The snowboard mode plates are called “pucks.”
    The tour mode plates are called “touring brackets” or “brackets” . . . unless you are talking about “touring risers” which I don’t think you meant.
    “Plates” and “Plate bindings” are another can of worms (and I don’t think you meant that either).

    Most factory splits only come with hooks (not pucks). Yours is the exception. . .

    B/c Burton has “The Channel System”, they have specially designed pucks only for Burton boards (but that is slowly changing). That’s why your board—a Burton Custom— came with pucks.
    AFAIK the Hitchhiker is just like a Spark Magneto (Tesla) but with Burton straps, ladders, and highback; it will fit perfectly with your custom. The Hitchhiker comes with brackets and heel pieces: all the hardware (as far as the board is concerned) to get rad

    To review. . . between your Custom and Hitchhiker, all you need is skins, poles, a beacon, probe, and shovel (and the knowledge how to use them and travel safely) and your’e good to go.

    That’s a sick setup BTW! *Thumbsup*
    It’s gonna be a good winter. Safe shredding.

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    Peter Fladmark

    thanks for the reply man! just put in the order 🙂 skins was a part of the package and poles i bought at a local shop.
    The predictions for the winter here in norway looks VERY promising, safe shredding yourself 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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