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    Do I need to use those rubber gaskets that go between the slider track and my binding?

    My bindings (Ride Migs) already have a thin rubber gasket on their base and it seems redundant to put another one between the binding and the slider. But maybe that thing serves an important function…

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    If you use a strap binding with a plastic base I wouldn’t use them. The plastic already provides enough flex (and in some bindings too much). If your strap bindings use a metal baseplate or if you’re using plate bindings I would use them.

    They are mainly for dampening and to add a little flex to prevent breaking the board or your binding (again usually only needed with metal bindings). They also suck up some of the vibration on firm snow.

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    I have aluminum Rides on my Khyber and I ditched the slider plate gaskets.

    It really stiffened up the connection between board and binding a lot. I like it that way because splitboards are so heavy that it is hard enough to flex them without a loosy-goosy interface between board and binding. I had a lot of fun carving some pretty hard pack snow with this setup. But there were also times when I hit a big chunk o’ something and could feel the shockwaves in my teeth. Just a question of how you like it to feel.

    If you lose the gasket, the bolts will protrude through the bottom of the t-nuts and you won’t be able to slide the slider plate over the pucks. You can solve that problem by doubling up on the washers. I did a little writeup here.

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