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    I am making my first DIY split, which will be used as second splitboard for early season riding when its thin and also as a loaner board. I noticed that the threaded holes in the T nuts are exposed and open all the way through. I need to be able to removed the hardware from this board when I want to use my factory split and I’m worried that epoxy will fill these holes from the bottom of the T nut and permanently bond my hardware screws into the insert. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this? Maybe a piece of blue tape covering the hole? Wax or ptex candles to fill the holes and then epoxy on top?

    Thanks… this is my first time working with epoxy.


    Filling with wax is one option, easy to melt out afterwards. I usually just plug them with a variety of the included hardware screws. Never had one stick.

    That was Pontus


    I am nervous about epoxy sticking to the screw so I put a small square of tape over the hole to keep any epoxy out of the threads.


    Don’t worry, the epoxy will not stick to your bolts once it has hardened. I have done the tape over the tips, but otherwise you will be fine either way. Make sure the screws are flush on the bottom with the base of the t nut as you want to always be able to screw your pucks down completely.


    Grease your bolts


    So I’ve got a problem…… One of the holes that I drilled with the Foerster bit went too deep. When I tried to insert the t-nut all was good until I tried to install the hardware with the screw the t-nut began spin and tore up the core a little.

    My question is this….

    Will g flex epoxy hold this.insert in place? I’m hoping that the epoxy will bond everything together as if the t-nut was sunk into the wood core.

    Thanks in advance.


    Dont worry, just install the T nut and fill the hole with resin. I like to torque the T nut into the back of a binding disc so it fits flush with the top sheet and square to the deck.


    Ok thanks….just to be clear….I don’t have enough wood core left to hammer the t-nut in to anything. It’s going to be all epoxy holding it into place once cured. I just want to make sure that I don’t rip my front binding out while riding.


    Sounds like there may be a few things you could do

    Without seeing pictures and from what I am understanding I would say to take a dremel and cut a slot or two into the side of the hole you drilled.

    What you would want is to make the hole so it isn’t a perfect circle but can’t tell once you’ve poured the epoxy. Just some sort of notch or flat spot to disrupt the perfect circle you drilled. When you pour, make sure the epoxy fills the gap where you drilled too deep. You could always do 2 pours, but don’t think it would be too necessary.

    You could cut a circle from wood with a hole saw to replace the wood to drilled by accident and epoxy that in place and then redrill the hole to proper depth.
    More work and probably not worth it.


    Another thing you could have done is collect your saw dust from your other holes, and mix it in with the epoxy. That’s all plywood is, and plywood holds your house together when its windy as hell and snowing outside. Mix that in with a bit of fiberglass and it’s like you did a core repair.


    Hey there,

    How did the board you drilled to deeply into work out? did the epoxy hold the pucks in ok? I had a board i decided to split and made the same mistake…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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