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    I stumbled across splitboarding on a website, and I have question. As far as I understand, splitboarding allows you to quickly travel up a mountain and then board down. But can you decide to ride down the mountain still split, like skiing? Thanks for answering.


    Split skiing is done often for short sections of downhill during an ascent/approach (with skins on) or for a long undulating exit from the backcountry such as at Rogers Pass where you’d usually do it without the skins on.
    You can ski with relative control on anything not too steep, and not too icy, some people can even drop their heels and mimic “tele turns”… Some of the most fun I’ve had were necessary ski downhills during a tour with a bunch of splitters half out of control skiing fast in the backcountry… but it’s only fun because you’re never in complete control if you’re going fast.

    I think the main problems with it are that the touring brackets aren’t in the middle, the pivot has no forward resistance, and there’s only sidecut on one side… it’s doable though. I’ve heard of people doing small mods where they can “lock in” the heel of their binding for better control on ski outs. I’m fine with hacking it.




    you can have the ski and board tool if you have smaller feet, size 11s and up are going to be trouble. “burton” here on this forum has made some 3 piece snowboard using normal skis with dynafit bindings on the outside, pretty cool if you are in to that sort of thing (skiing). check out If you have size 8 feet or maybe 9s and a wider stance it can work pretty well.


    Short answer, yes you can ski them, no, it is not pretty.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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