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    Not really a snowboard friendly descent, nor were we splitters, but since i posted on the other sites, what the heck, i’ll copy/paste here:

    Skied pyramid pk Sunday 2/5, hoping to find some good corn on the E/SE aspects. Found a bit of everything from ice/rime ice to a couple of inches of windbuff on top of the ice, to breakable. Hardly any corn at all except some selected spots. … was our first time taking the twin bridges start instead of rocky canyon. In good conditions, this is a much better route than R/C, with great views along the whole way and better skiing terrain/aspect. Plus no dense trees to attack you on your way down 🙂
    Coverage down low looks iffy from the road, but it’s actually pretty good.. On the way down, just had to downclimb for 5 minutes when navigating the obstacles is too close for comfort, then ski back to the car once you hit the flats. Good day.


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    Nice post…that cornice pic is amazing. The snoeshoe track is just on the edge, that dude was lucky!

    Thanks for the note about the Twin Peaks vs. R/C approaches.

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    Great pics towelie! 8)

    Scary stuff on the cornice break. Been there, done that. 😯

    Now I walk waaaay back. Even when there is a skin track closer to the edge. Just because there is a track or foot prints there doesn’t mean its safe. More often than not the cornice is larger than you think.

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    Cool trip.. but snowboarding with poles? Why oh why oh why…..

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