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    Indecision drove me to go to check out a spot in the Olys this morning. Raining lightly, wicked looking clouds and really freaking wet snow at about 5000′. I dug a quick pit that continually collapsed, freaked me the hell out and I went back down and did a quick hike for some exercise. I could ball up snow and wring it out it was so wet on the upper 12-15″ and there were visible layers that seemed poorly bonded if bonded at all. This was on a slope facing NNE and given the moisture content I did not even bother checking the other place I was thinking of that faces WNW. One of the rangers said that is has been above freezing each of the past five or six nights, but they think the temps will drop overnight in the next few days. I think I’m counting myself out for tomorrow (Friday) and already have plans for fishing and family camping over the weekend. I look forward to hearing what everyone finds wherever they go. I’m thinking that going higher like snoslut is pondering may well be where the overnight freezing cycle may be working its magic.


    Okay, here’s the deal…

    I checked a couple weather forecasts and predicted is everything from scattered showers, partly sunny, mostly cloudy, showers likely. Freezing levels between 7 & 8k. Also to consider is that Crystal is in Rainier’s rain shadow so we may get lucky.

    With this forecast it’s is hard to find motivation and commit to a long drive but I need to get out. At least traffic on slope and road will be minimal.

    As of last night, prestonf & pooch, rapskallion and myself were planning on camping behind patrol headquarters next to Silver Creek. If your in the parking lot looking up at the resort and base area, it is located to your far right. Just follow the road uphill. You will be able to see our cars from the lot.

    We are planning on heading up there tonight. Prestonf is bringing his coleman grill and I’m gonna start a fire!


    I hope all you PNW splitboard studs met and had an awesome outing near crystal, the Springfest extravaganza!! It was my b-day and I spent Sat on the Solduc fishing (two steelies caught and released…but we were looking for kings) and camping with the girls on Sun. I saw some great looking lines in the Olys to explore that are visible from the N and NW aspects as you drive toward Forks. If anyone has any idea on accessing these from your past, I’d be grateful for some intel reports.

    Happy Memorial Day, hope you enjoyed your weekend. What kind of snow conditions did everyone find?


    Nyla and I had an awesome time this past weekend. It was really cool meeting and hanging out with everyone. Had a fun relaxing memorial holiday. Way to make what we had work!

    all my pics, including a few from the day before with drat at MRNP(minus the flaming log trundle vid)

    Now, back to packing…


    Wow…that looks burly. Its flat this weekend so I’m not going surfing…anybody going out skiboarding in the cascades?


    Nice meeting all you folks last weekend. Cascade Splitfest sure! We split more wood than boards. We got a little creative with the firewood collection scouring parking lots, hillsides and forest service roads at all hours of the night and day Check out Ale’s pics. He a good rigger and got that log pulled out of the ravine and over the jersey barrier in no time with the help of DavenIrish’s Van. Good times.


    Anyone want to go to Chinook this weekend?


    It has been cool with lots of rain. Anyone got any intel reports on how the snow is faring and at what elevation you have to go to find some that is stable? Not having done a spring on a split before I’m eager to get out there but not so eager to be kicking off the next wet slab down to the ground with me inside doing the tumbling. Thanks for your time.


    Rainier update as of Monday evening…

    Glaciers on the north side are holding up great. Above 7,500 ft, suncups are filled in and surface is fast and smooth. Below is soft, carvable and the bumps make it less sticky. We could ride all the way down to 3,800 ft. still.

    Couple crevasses are starting to open so we brought our diapers (harness) but navigation is still obvious. Right now it is snowing above 6-7k so there will be some freshies…maybe some June powder. Just enough snow to cover some of the deep lurking beneath.

    While traversing terrain >30 on e/ne aspect above 8,500 ft, observed 2-4 inches of wet snow from previous to slide easily but not running too far. Softening crust beneath but by days end it was starting to set. On s/se at & above 9k snow was sugary, unconsolidated, deep mush, which is sure to have refrozen by now. Terrain below 8k, regardless of slope angle was perfect. Terrain <30 was not an issue.

    Off course w/ lower freezing levels, visibility on glaciers might be a hassle to the unfamiliar. Sucker holes are good while other holes are not.


    Looking good for pow early tommorow!! June…WTF???


    Have Tuesday and Wednesday (10th & 11th) off, thinking about maybe heading out one of those days if the weather cooperates. Anyone up for something?


    Jcocci, looks like Tuesdays the day. Freezing levels shooting up Tuesday night and Wednesday.

    Depending on work, I might be game. I call ya.


    Damn, calling for 6-12 in the mountains tomorrow. Is it winter again? I think I’m having a small relapse of the flu (working outside for 8 hours straight today in the wind and rain probably didn’t help) so heading out tomorrow may not be the best idea for me which sucks as tomorrow is probably the day to go out. Wednesday the snow may turn crappy and unsafe as well if they get that much.


    I just read on the forest service and NPS websites that the WA backcountry is officially closed on June 11th, so no powder for you!!!

    Seriously, you guys need to stop these June powder shenanigans.

    Not fair imo.


    actually, according to the reports, we have until july 12th until summer starts.

    “Another weather system, similar to that of Friday, is
    currently indicated for Monday. This should cause more
    unusual, cool and snowy weather. But take heart, summer always
    arrives in the Northwest by July 12. Have a safe and enjoyable

    I am going to be kicking around highway 2 tomorrow if anyone is interested. I don’t feel like driving for over an hour chasing powder, so I’m staying close to home and take what I get. Call or Pm anytime, leaving gold bar somewhat early.

    jcocci.. get better, get out, and get some! hope it passes quickly


    @ale_capone wrote:

    I don’t feel like driving for over an hour chasing powder

    You, sir, are spoiled.



    hahaha, See what happens when you are such a spoiled brat. The telemetry at mrnp and the 15″s at paradise say I shoulda chased. 😥

    I didn’t mean it quite like it sounded. There is just alot of good stuff less then an hour away. That’s paybacks for living in the midwest and having to drive over 4 hours just to get 500′ of vert on some man made.

    Kyle Miller

    Im looking at climbing Baker this weekend so if anyone is interested let me know.


    Wish I could, but I am working on Saturday. Looks like good weather this weekend though.


    happy fathers day dads!!!

    Gorgeous weekend to be out doing anything. Hope everyone is enjoying it.

    Went hiking the NW Alpine Wildy yesterday and lost one dog in a creek when his snow bridge gave out. KERPLUNK!!!! Shallow small creek, but over three feet of snowpack, and he couldn’t get out on his own(snow shelved out at surface,, so nothing to climb). I looked down in the hole and seen him looking around lke,”where am I? How the hell did I get here?”. We all took our turns poking through here and there. Never crossed anything dangerous. Only risk was emabarassment and wet feet and legs.

    Awesome snow coverage up in the surprise lake area.

    Anyone ever take the PCT from highway 2>>> I-90?

Viewing 20 posts - 141 through 160 (of 197 total)
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