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    Kyle Miller

    After riding the resorts day after day I was itching to do a backcountry tour but with Avalanche danger high above 5’000 feet there wasn’t much options of places to go. We made the decision to head out the tree anchored slopes of Kendals stumps.
    Scott Skinning

    Myself doing the same

    When we finally made it into the area we decided against skinning up a gully for two reasons.
    1. It could be a deposit zone
    2. Preserve the fresh for the way down
    The wind was really going and on the skin up we made it to a steeper section that was getting wind loaded. I had never been to Kendal stumps and was unimpressed by the terrain so we decided to dug a full snowpack profile
    Heres the snowpack on a S facing slope around 30 degrees that was wind loaded

    Then we did a Rutschblock test which failed miserably
    We then proceded to track out the Gully and get back to the car


    Sorry nothing to entertaining
    Be carefull out there


    live to do it again another day. It’s still early out there

    fire and ice

    Thanks for posting the video of the test.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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