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    I talked to Mike Schwartz at The Backcountry in Truckee today (also of forum fame). He said they are taking pre-orders for Jones Solution splitboards! Since they also do online sales, this would probably be relevant to lots of folks on this board. With the hype around those boards, I figure they are going to be difficult to come by. Mike said for any interested splitters to drop him an email (mike at thebackcountry dot net).

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    BTW The list at the Backcountry started over a month ago and I’m the first on it

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    How much :twocents: ?

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    Heck yeah got mine reserved!

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    Update. Talked to Eli @ The Backcountry last week, and the order has been placed and should be arriving next week. He said to spread the word again if anyone is still looking for the board, as they ordered more than they actually had pre-orders for. As of when I talked to him last week, out of the 25 they ordered, something like 16 were spoken for. So feel free to contact him if you’re still looking for the board.

    He also mentioned that they should have the Blaze in stock early Oct.

    Eli’s contact info:

    Eli Storey
    (888) 625-8444 -Toll Free
    (530) 582-0909 -Direct

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    FYI, just heard from Mike that Eli is no longer at The Backcountry, so if you’re looking to get in on the pre-order just ask for Mike directly. Apparently they do still have some on their order that aren’t spoken for yet.

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    Any word of the preorder boards showing up yet? I have mine preordered from a shop in SLC. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be on time.

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    Porters in Truckee are claiming they will have their boards on the 27th. I imagine the backcountry will have theres on or around that date too.

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