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    Saw this over on telemarktips, and thought I’d share it with this side of the interwebs:

    BCA Trackers for $200 and Tracker 2s for $250. At such prices, I don’t believe this post is spam.

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    I got my tracker from these guys last year. Same sale, same price, free shipping and no tax. :bananas:

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    Just went to check them out and it looks like they are gone for now, but at least the old Tracker can be backordered at the reduced price still:

    We sold out at the FreakinCheap price immediately, but can do backorders at the new price of $199.95.

    Shipping will delayed for several days, as we’ll need to receive new product from the vendor.

    Greg - NoKnees

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    ^^Yeah, I ordered mine on Monday evening (backordered) and today I got the email that its shipped. No complaints here.

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    Price for the Tracker is now back up to $249.95. Boo.

    I already have one, but bummer for those who missed out on the deal. Thanks for the PSA though. is now back to having the cheapest Trackers at $246.46.
    Sometimes the price dips a lot lower, so keep an eye on it.

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