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    Thanks to the Sherpita for sharing this

    Announcement- If you like to go to Brighton Resort and randonee/ AT ski (splitboarding), please park over at the Church lot and not elsewhere in the parking areas of Brighton. In the past we had been asked to park by the dumpsters but this has changed. They have made it very clear that we should not park on that side of the parking lot anymore. Trying to fight this will only effect us in a negative way. It is a privilege to be able to ski uphill at Brighton and by so doing must adhere to all of their policies.

    There have been several uphill skiers who have not been courteous to the patrollers. This must stop or we will no longer be able to use this resource. Please be courteous and considerate at all times while at Brighton. They have been very gracious and wonderful to us all. Please spread the word about the new parking situation.

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    Ironically I was up at Brighton this weekend. I did a couple laps on GW and one on Milli. I saw lots of BC skiers utilizing the closed lifts. I initially stayed away from Milli because they were running the lifts and I could see lot’s of ski patrol on the mtn. Instead I went to GW but still tried to stay incognito as much as possible. Cords were perfect, high speed up to down carvy. I went over to Milli and on my way up came in contact with quite a few ski patrol. I was super paranoid, I don’t like being told I can’t do something and end up combative fast (a weakness of mine). However, all the guys I came in contact with were super cool and very conversational. After my first two interactions I was waving at everyone and everyone was waving at everyone and it was huge love fest up there. Point being Brighton has and we hope will always be the “peoples” mtn, they deserve lot’s of respect. Thanks for the post Snurfer, is there an email we can share our gratitude?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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