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    wasatch surf

    Hey All!

    I have met most of you that post to the Utah section of the forum, but in case you don’t know I work for
    There is a new program we have been trying this summer where the customer can get more of a one on one shopping experience with their dedicated “gearhead”.
    Really the benefit is I can usually hook up a discount or faster shipping for you if you contact me and let me place that order for you, I can also help with returns etc.. My stats are sales and contact driven, and discounts are good for you. So let me help you get into some new gear for this winter.

    You can add me here:

    Scroll down until you see me(Dan Gates) and click choose this gearhead. Or you can just email me directly at



    Signed up!


    Me too.


    I’ve signed up too. I also hope I can meet some of you peeps this winter. You’re all pretty inspirational…

    wasatch surf

    Awesome thanks guys! I have sent out my little generic welcome letter to you, when you are ready to place an order just shoot me an email or something and mention that you are from here and i’ll hook it up as best I can.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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