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    I haven’t gotten to ride one yet, but I met up with Kevin for some beers the other week and got to check out his new splitboards in person. Damn sexy!

    I can’t recall if they’re true twin or directional twin, but they have a nice looking shape, big fat tip and tail. IMO a more “freestyle” oriented shape on these. Nice looking rocker-camber profile that should provide good contact on the ups and plenty of float and pop on the way down. The carbon was insanely light (as one would expect), but even the non-carbon is pretty lightweight. The carbon weave looks quality as well, overall these boards appear to be pretty solid. Seamless sintered base, burly edges and a textured topsheet that I’ve seen around on other boards to shed snow well.

    I’ll report back when I’ve gotten to actually ride one, but from the looks of it I think it’ll be a sweet ride. Nice to see another small splitboard designer in the game, more options for the rest of us! Prowder Splitboards

    Matt Rielo
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    Went up to the Prowder shop in evergreen and picked up one of the Bamboo 158 splits last week. I wanted to get a feel for the new board and hardware so I took it up to Keystone for a half day session. First thought on the hardware was wow! I have never had a splitboard so tight and secure. I have been on both Voile and K-Clips and I have to say the center clips seem like a tighter fit. The tip clips were a little hard at first to lock but after a few ratcheting motions they worked great. They are much tighter than the plastic clips I have been using on my NS prospector.

    The Bamboo split wasn’t really appealing graphically. The Prowder guys said they used a textured white topsheet to reduce board heat while skinning and limited graphics for that reason. Ok, I like that concept. I was unsure about the traction above the binding area similar to a maganatraction. I was sold when I was going down the lower portion at keystone which was solid ice and the board held an edge better than any board I have been on. The next run I tried my hardest to loose an edge and it held every time. I tried so hard did a scorpion and I gave up trying. On the hard pack the board did really well. Carving and turning it felt like a snowboard and it was hard to tell I was even on a splitboard until the guys in the lift lines would comment. My neck started to hurt from my scorpion mid day so I decided to call it an early day. Overall I was impressed with the new design.

    This weekend I was able to get up on Berthoud and test it out in some fresh powder. They used a rocker camber combo which I was used to riding on my NS. This was a little less than the prospector I was riding. I think the profile is better that the prospector for skinning. It gripped well on the crust and hardpack. The tip height could have been a bit higher while skinning in the powder. I talked to Kevin and he said the next batch had already corrected that. He said I could swap it out for a new one, but I really think it will be fine. The board had great flex and I was able to really float on the powder. I don’t see why so many people like the camber splitboard profile, rocker is always better in powder. Its not about the ski up its about the ride down and I would much rather have a rockered board in the pow. The Prowder board is the best skinning/riding board with rocker I have ridden. If you have to much rocker like my NS the skins wouldn’t do the job on the steep and hard. I ever had the G3 high traction skins!

    I am glad I hucked my NS, it wasn’t worth the 1200. The Prowder Bamboo is just as bomber at half the cost. I am looking forward to riding it more this winter. I will follow up again at the end of the season.


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    Thanks for the review Matt. It sounds like a great board at a great price.

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    I recently got to check out the Prowder Bamboo158 at the Baker Splitfest.

    The first thing I noticed was this is a pretty light board, with some mellow camber and twin shovel head shape. The Hardware on this board is spot on! super tight connection, really easy to release and snug up.

    The board felt super light on the skin up. The nose seems to float a bit with the rocker, and I could have gone for a little more camber under the touring brackets for better grip. The start of the tour was up a cat track that was pretty hard pack and it felt a little Squirrelly, but once I got it in the skin track it felt better. In soft fresh untracked snow the board felt a little soft for my weight (200+ish with gear).

    Once I got to the top and pointed the board in the fun direction I was really impressed. Super fun and floaty in some soft snow, really quick turning and responsive. I had the feeling the nose was a bit short but didn’t have any issues with flotation. returning at the end of the day to the car along some windblown cat track the board felt a little chattery and not as damp as I prefer, however the edge hold was great. I would love to check out the 162 version or the Carbon. Overall Prowder is making some great boards with a funky shapes and doing it all in the USA.

    Matt Rielo
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    Just saw Prowder just updated their website.

    ATK Carbon Splitboard

    They added a new carbon splitboard called the ATK. Not really sure what that means. Hey Prowder guys can you shed any light? Also what’s new on the board besides the top sheet?
    It looks like they are using a new top sheet on the carbon boards and getting the same weight out of it. They don’t have any pictures of the top/bottom sheet yet. I am looking forward to seeing it, they said “new art coming soon”.

    The most amazing thing is they are charging $400.00 for the second lightest carbon fiber splitboard on the market. I guess they are selling them at the rate they charge dealers to the public.

    I bought a bamboo 158 from them last year I would be interested in selling if anyone is interested, just placed a order in for the new carbons. I would take 400 for it.


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    I picked one up with that sale. Hopefully it all turns out well.

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    We just dropped the new artwork for the ATK Series.
    From left to right 152, 158, 162 sizes and corresponding artwork. Quiver collection baby!
    Prowder ATK Carbon Series Splitboards

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    I’m not usually a topsheet artwork oogler but these look fantastic @prowder!

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    I’m not usually a topsheet artwork oogler but these look fantastic @prowder!

    Agreed. Stoked to get my hands on when once they finally ship.

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    Received an email a few days ago about their core shipment being delayed due to sharing the container which ended up containing counterfeit items which were seized. Looks like at least another 3 weeks for these boards…

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    Just received a tracking number and delivery is expected on Friday. I’ll post some initial thoughts after some shredding this weekend.

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    Here’s the deck. A little disappointed they didn’t mount any board clips given the massive delay.

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    Will get it mounted and try to get some turns in once things calm down in Tahoe.

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    I was disappointed about no clips as well. I tried to put Voile split hooks on but the holes were drilled too far toward the ends where the rocker is and they don’t have a flat surface to rotate. Also noticed that the binding mounting holes were much further forward than my Prior board. I guess we’ll see how it rides once I track down some ultra clips.

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    I was going to try some Voile clips, but I guess now I don’t need to. They also mentioned tossing in some “limited edition gear” with the deck, but non to be found.

    I’m really hoping all works out once I can track down some clips and get it mounted. It is absurdly light at least.

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    You can run the voile clips and just not rotate them? I am running the Phantom hooks and they don’t rotate, there really is no need.

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    I ordered one of these too and was told I would receive limited edition gear with the board since it took so long to ship. Why would you tell all of your customers this and not follow up on the promise? I guess this is what should be expected when purchasing from a boutique shop like this. I’ve also placed an order for a set of the cowboy clips since the boards did not come with them and it’s been a week and they have not shipped. I do not remember seeing anything on the website saying that these were not included. It clearly says that tip and tail clips are sold separate. I guess we get used to good customer service, warranty, next day shipping, return policies, response to emails, and good business practices when ordering from larger established companies. We will see how the board rides once I finally have all of the hardware, but if the business practices are any indication, I’m not expecting much. A $400 carbon fiber split board, the second lightest on the market…reminds me of the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

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    I founded Prowder because I was sick of the high prices and lack of splitboard technology. The technology has made leaps and bounds thanks to companies like Spark, Karakorum, Phantom and all the other innovators trying to make the sport better. When I read a posts like @ neversummer wrote it makes me second guess why I am selling products at half price at a service to my fellow riders. Then I receive endless emails and phone calls from my other customers giving me praise and supporting Prowder’s founding principles. There will always be haters, even those who get a 1200 board for a $400 presale price.
    @ snowsnowsnow we are in Tahoe and we can install/hook you up with some clips of you need some 🙂 303-601-7890

    We didn’t have clips included on our ATK Carbon boards because we wanted to leave the option open to the customer for clips. This was clearly noted during presale and currently on the ATK carbon product page. We installed tip clips as a service to customers for the late shipping.

    We are currently working on the limited edition gear, our main focus was to finish up the boards and get them to all the customers. We had over 2000 boards sold during our presale which amazed everyone and gave us a huge job at the same time.

    If you have any questions or concerns please call us. 303-601-7890.

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    I would love nothing more than to see Prowder succeed as a company. What you call your founding principles is why we all purchased a board from you. But we as consumers have certain expectations. Are you trying to build and run a successful business or build boards as a hobby on the side? It’s frustrating that it is almost the middle of January and I’ve yet to ride my new board after purchasing it in October. It is understandable that there were circumstances which may have been unavoidable during the process, but we could have been updated earlier. Customer service in my mind is the key to success in any business. Communication is just as important. Loyalty is a powerful thing in the outdoor industry, and when you earn the trust of gear junkies, you have ambassadors who will spread the word. Word of mouth is probably the most powerful marketing any company could ask for. I think we all love to support American made products, after all, this is the year to Make America Great Again. Before you start calling your customers haters, think about the impact and put yourself in their shoes.

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    I think that you have to take into account that as a new startup having boards made overseas, you are probably one of the last orders to get prioritized by your mfg. and issues like a container being delayed because your smaller shipment is in a shared container are completely out of Prowders hands.

    I’m not into twin tips for bc, but the spirit of the guy is pretty good to throw some cash into the endeavor and get boards out there that are sub 6 pounds at 400/ board. If anything it should educate folks that factory large mfg made boards with, wow carbon, really shouldn’t cost more than any other board.

    Light boards are basically built with carbon and paulownia, two materials that are actually very cheap in light of the price structure. I mean I make a handful of one-off custom boards in a year, using exclusively Textreme carbon 2 layers and 20 little cut patches total and my cost for buying small quantities is $50-60 per board (also a bit of innegra which is maybe $6-10 per board). This is probably the most high end fabric and if I bought by the roll for a few thousand it would probably cost 60% of that. This fabric and hand shaping the deck gets me boards a pound under an amplid, but I wouldn’t dream of making a board for 400.

    Maybe moves like this from Prowder will start a reality check that overseas made boards that are wow carbon costing north of $1000 are, hmmm well you decide.

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    I wish one was made in the 165-170cm range, for us heavier riders.

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