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    I am currently undertaking my MSc dissertation project aiming to increase the experience and capability of splitboarding.
    I would LOVE to skype or phone interview you about your experiences and issues you have come across. You guys have tried and tested loads of different set-ups and your knowledge would be incredibly valuable!!
    I am particularly interested in those using hard AT boots as I have yet to have a conversation in person with any of you yet!
    If you would be willing, please comment when would be a good time or email:
    If the idea of a skype interview seems a bit daunting, leaving any comments about problems or things you love would be amazing also!
    (Only ask to have a skype/phone chat as it means the conversation can go into less mainstream paths that you might not think to mention.)
    The discussion can be as little or as long as you like! Would be great to have a view different viewpoints.


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