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    I just bought my first splitboard set up, 11/12 Never Summer SL 163 with medium Karakoram Split 30 bindings, but I cannot figure out how to install the ride mode interface plates on the board. It seems as though the spacing is off either on the inserts on the deck or on the ride mode plates themselves. If I screw on the plates while the board is split I am unable to put the two halves together. If I try to attache the ride platres while the board halves are attached together the screw slots on the plates do not line up with the screw inserts on the deck. Has anyone experienced this problem? Am I doing soimething wrong?

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    I took some pictures but I cannot figure out how to attach them or upload them to this thread…???…

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    I just installed the new ride mode on a friends board, I had to hand file the overlap tabs a little bit to get them to line up properly

    Not all splitboards are the same size, so I would guess they leave the tabs on the large size so people can custom fit them to their deck

    I would recommend emailing them directly too, they have always replied to me promptly with any concerns :thumpsup:

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    Tyler emailed me back with a similar reply. What did you use to file the tabs down with? I’ve got a hand file that I de-tune my edges with which might work. The spacing seemed wider than I would expect for a tolerance difference. I’m a little bummed that I need to file it down but a s long as it works……

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    Also, I went to my local shop with my plates and tried to fit them on a lib tech t.rice 161. It had the same issue.

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    What worked the best for me, without a vice, I layed the file down on the bench and moved the plate over the file.

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    I work at a shop and just fitted a set on a customers neversummer. the board insersts were 1/8″ too close together. I put both base pieces in a vice and filed down. It’s a bit tough to get a perfect fit laterally afterwards as the base platess are close together and the plastic adjusters have limtied movemnt but got it to work.

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    I had some problems installing my 30s but its likely the 12 Jones Hovercraft Split that is the culprit.

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    just an update…. filed down the tabs and was able to install the ride interface as others have done. I had a chance to try the bindings out on a groomer at my resort and they worked great. Board felt solid. The highbacks were way softer that I would have expected but im ok with that.

    On a side note, I have measured the distance between the inserts on at least 4 factory splits since I got the bindings. Not one of them came out to 3 3/8 inches wide which is what karakoram said was the standard. Most of them were 1/8 inch too narrow. Im guessing this is pretty common and people will need to file down the tabs. A little bit of a hassel but not that big of a deal.

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    Slightly off topic here but I thought I would chime in…

    I just installed a full Kakakoram interface on a NS Raptor (DIY). This was my first experience with there system other than K clips, which I run on my personal board. The boards owner purchased all the hardware including the DIY hardware and templates. The templates were way off from there claimed size and it was a dam good thing I checked before drilling. What caught my attention first was the tip and tail connectors. I taped them on and thought that they must be narrower than Voile’s. Hmmm. Then I noticed the spacing was claimed to be 1″. The template was 3/32″ off, the ride mode templates were worse. :nononno:

    Anyway I made the adjustments and finished the board. I didn’t have the binders and I told the owner I thought they would need adjustment but to my suprise he texted me last night and said binders mounted fine with no adjustment.

    I took pictures and intend to email them to Karakoram.

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    Wooooah what a relief to know im not the only plonker out there who can’t mount their karokorams… and that my rome whiteroom isn’t a heap of junk!
    Spent last night getting out bid on ebay for a t.rice which it seems would have presented the same problem. Off to buy a file now. Thank god for the internets! Thank you all for sharing the love!

    So stoked to have solved a week’s head scratching. All it needed was a google after all…
    It’s really dumping here in davos, switzerland and i was starting to panic that i might have to revert to the old voile junk!

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