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    the last years I was riding a Voilé 161 MTN GUN Split, was quiet a fast board but I was disapointed in its maneuverability. So now I´ve decided to get an agile Prior Khyber Spiliti to get through the trees.
    But I don´t know which size to buy. I weigh naked 130 lbs and I am 5.6 ft tall.
    Which size would you recomend the 150 or 156?
    Or does anyone have a better idea concerning the board?


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    My wife’s around 5’7″, 110lbs and rides a 156 Khyber. Most of our rides start well above tree line and commonly finish with some really tight trees. She’s been having no issue snaking through the trees on it. Especially since we converted her over to Spark bindings.

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    In my opinion, the Kyhber is a specialty board and isn’t necessarily the best quiver of one. No doubt it’s a rad powder/turning board though.

    Regarding size, I’ve heard people tend to go a little small with the Kyhber because of the shape already lends itself to flotation so extra length isn’t as necessary.

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    I wouldn’t say the Khyber is such a specialty board. It is not nearly as much so as fish. I have a 160 Khyber and a 160 fish and putting them side by side the Khyber doesn’t have nearly the nose or setback a Fish does. It does have a tapered shape – but not super aggressive like many boards out there today.

    I wouldn’t suggest trying to ride switch on one – but if you are like me, and the main reason you wanted a splitter was to get powder – I am not sure why you’d want anything else!

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    My solid resort board is a Khyber-160 …. and I’m 145lbs 5’9″ …. I don’t find it such a specialty board either … I ride pretty much anything with it… no complain ….

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