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    I’m selling my Prior Khyber split board and all the hardware that came with it, plus some extra pins and t bolts to keep on hand JIC. Its a great board but I have to make room for new quiver.

    I’m willing to part with all this for $400 plus shipping.



    -Prior Khyber 160 cambered splitboard (I believe its an ’09) in excellent condition. The top sheet color is a beige/tan color and the bottom is black. No scratches, no core shots, no dinged edges, just normal wear.. I probably have only about 10-12 tours on this board and I was always gentle with her. 🙂

    -Voile tractor skins, in good shape, glue still good and hair is clean.

    -Voile hardware: 2 baseplates and grommets, t-screws (12 total, that’s 4 extras), pins (3 total, that’s 1 extra), set of pucks (not pictured but included). Original instructions.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.


    Hey there–would love to chat with you about your board, call me at 207-745-4452 or email at


    knuckle dragon
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    I’m next in line if it doesn’t sell. Get back to me.

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    board is sold! thanks for your interest.

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