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    Hey guys,

    Selling my brand new Prior Khyber 160 Split. Used it once, it’s basically brand spanking new. I jacked up my achilles and it’s not going to heal for a long while so I’d rather sell the board now and buy new next year. Includes all hardware that came with it: Skins, Voile Binding Hardware, etc.

    Graphic is the Spirit Moon:

    Asking $675 obo

    Msg me with any questions, thanks!


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    Bummer about the achilles. Definitley a very inconvenient injury. I did a complete rupture last weekend of March last year, had surgery about April 13th to reattach/repair. Easy jogging by late July, snowboarding in the first snows by October 20th… Take the rehab seriously and you’ll be in good shape…

    As for the board, hmmm.. Not a bad discount on a new board. Luckily it’s too small to tempt me… 😉

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Thanks for the tips on the achilles. I tried to get back into boarding, biking, etc. too soon after I messed it up and am paying now. I just need to be good, stay off of it, etc. for a solid 6 weeks me thinks. It’s certainly not a complete rupture, but it’s stiff and I can feel that if I antagonize it I’ll be hating myself! What rehab tips do you have, besides RICE? My problem is doing too much too soon after I think it’s better…

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    Well at least you got a day on it. My brand spankin new 165 is still waiting for its first use…not till next season. Knee rehab.

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    Ugh, bummer on the knee rehab. Injuries are a pain in the butt!

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    Ok, $750 obo! Shoot me a PM with any questions.

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    Still have this and want to unload it. Open to offers, make me one!!!

    affix snow
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    Hmmm….1st the price was $675…then you went UP to $750? ha ha ha…

    Ill throw this deal to a few friends that are looking for splits.

    Hope the you are healing well.

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    i’ll PM it’s the board and size i’m looking for, trying t oget a stockpile pf splits for the season for my friends and I .

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    Do you still have this board for sale? Does it include all the hardware and skins…? Do you have crampons for it? Please let me know asap. I’m very interested.

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    Sorry, it’s sold.

    Good luck!


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    i pm’ed you about a prior. pm me if interested.

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