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    My BC split just showed up yesterday. I’m still getting it set up (need to buy shorter bolts for my bindings) but so far I have no complaints. Dean did call a few days before sending it out to say that there was a small blemish on the top sheet and that they would be sending me a t-shirt to make up for it.

    I understand the sentiment that a $1K board should be flawless but, man, I can barely even see the blemish and I’m a t-shirt junky. It’s not like I’ll never put a scratch on the thing when I’m using it. I kinda wish it had more blems, I could use some more clothes for this winter.

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    ok, i’m gonna bite on this thread. i resisted the temptation to post an angry thread last season because i did not want to sound hot headed. however, its been awhile, and i think that this is now completely on topic with this thread.

    anyhow, last season I called bently at NS because i wanted a 165 t5split to match my 163 t5 solid that i have been so psyched on. bently tells me that they are out of t5 cores and its gonna be 5 weeks minimum. i do the math in my head and realise i’m looking at a delivery of mid-late march…pretty much end of the season. the snow was flying here in the tetons, so i call up prior, and talk to a dude there. he tells me they have a 165 bc split right there that they could have shipped to me by the end of the week. done deal, i buy the board. at the end of the week, the board comes in on the ups truck. my first thought when i see the package is…wow! that is by far the shittiest packing job i have ever seen. it was basically a single wrap of thin corrogated cardboard, and zero padding between the packaging and the board.

    i take the board home, and am not more than 3 minutes into trying to get it setup to ride when i notice 2 large edge compressions on the left side of the board. the base was bubbled out significantly in both spots…one was about 1″ long, the other was about 3/4″ long, both bubbles went out 1/2-3/4″ from the edge. the next morning i call prior. i am very upset given that i just emptied my bank acct to buy a board that has 2 edge compressions. shawn, the customer service guy tells me that its not a big deal, and tells me to take it down to a local shop and have them fix it. the sounds completely assinine to me. i just dropped almost a grand on this board, and now he wants me to pay to have it fixed. so i tell him that this is unacceptable. he gets very defensive saying that ups is at fault and that they did nothing wrong. i tell him that i can’t completely believe that considering the absolutly horrid packing job. he tells me that if i ship the board back they will repair it at the factory, no offer for a new board is made, and i’m left with only that option.

    the next day i go to ups, i ask the woman there about ups covering the damages since they were likely the ones that caused it (even though there was no visable damage to the cardboard in the affected areas, i figured prior woulden’t send me a F’ed up board factory direct). the woman at ups tells me there is no way ups will cover the damage because there is supposed to be a minimum 2″ of padding between a box and the item inside. on top of this, she tells me that package was not insured for damages either…funny, because i thought that i dropped close to $70 on shipping. i’m pretty sure that with $70 they could have shipped the board to wyoming, insured it, and still had a few bucks leftover. so i ship it back. while its in transit, i decide to press for a new board or a refund. i contact prior, but get no response. on saturday afternoon, i get an email from shawn saying, your board is done, it will ship on monday. i immediatly write him back saying DO NOT ship the board to me until we talk on the phone. i tell him that i want a new board or a refund, and that i do not want the repaired board. sunday, i get no response. on monday i call prior. shawn says, oh i’m sorry, the board went out this morning, i didn’t get your email until after the board shipped out but i know that you’ll be psyched on the board when you get it. so let me get this straight, you are a customer service agent for a company and you manage to work all day sunday, and monday morning without checking your email, isn’t that generally the very first thing you do when you get to work? plus, its not like the ups man shows up at 7am for a pickup. so at this point, i realise that i’m pretty much screwed. now that board has been sent, my chances of either a new board, or a refund are slim.

    a week and a half later the board comes in the mail. i can still see plain as day where the edge compressions were. the base is mostly flat but i can still see slight bubbling in the base. the sidewalls still look slightly dented in, and the edge is noticably not straight…close but no cigar. on top of this, the left half of the base has been given a base grind. everyone knows once you grind a base that it will never have the same structure as factory. thats why alot of shops tell you not to do one unless it is very necessary. the left half looked way rattier than the right when i got it, but it had a fresh coat of wax, so i didn’t really notice how bad it was. however, after the second day of riding when the wax wore off, it looked like it was sanded with 80 grit paper compared to the other side. in addition, the time it has taken to get the board , ship it back, get it repaird, and then ship it back to me has taken 5 weeks, the same amount of time i thought was too long to wait for a NS. so i call back prior, and ask what they are gonna do for me since i paid retail for a retail quality board and ended up paying retail for a 2nd quality repaired board whose structural integrity of the edges in those 2 spots are still in question. i get the same old…there is nothing wrong with the board deal that i have heard from them 10x before. funny, cause every shop in town that i showed the board to told me that the edge is not as strong in those spots as it was when it was new. anyhow, i am realising at this point that i’m not gonna get a new board, or my money back, so i ask if they can throw me a set of crampons so that i don’t feel so screwed. i get the “i don’t have the authority to authorise this sort of thing” shpeel, and get told that he has to talk to the boss and he’ll call me back tommorow. a week goes by, no call from prior. i call, and get told that the boss is out of town, i’ll call ya back after the weekend.

    wednesday comes the next week, still no call from prior. so i call. i still get no answer on the crampons, so i ask to speak to the boss, and he puts dean on. i tell dean my story, ask him if he can throw me a set of crampon to make up for my 5 week wait, the fact that i have a damaged board that i paid retail for, and all the BS that i have had to deal with. i tell him that i don’t think this is an absurd request considering that i know that they can’t pay any more than $40 wholesale for those (i know, cause i worked in retail at a placed that sold voile 3 months prior to ordering the board). instead of humoring me even slightly, i get attitude, and lots of it. i keep telling him how i am not happy with the way things have gone and that i just wanted my money back, etc. he keeps towing the company line and talking about how they are such a small company and that they have incurred all these costs because they paid to have the board shipped back to me etc. i retort that since they sold me the board at retail, they made their 35-40% margin that they would not have made if i bought the board at a store that paid them wholesale for it. he keeps talking about how i need to understand that this whole fiasco is costing them money, etc and that giving me crampoins and shipping them is gonna cost them even more money. i ask him if hes gonna keep dragging his feet or give me some crampons. he tells me he’ll make me a deal and sell me some crampons for $25 (some deal considering their wholesale price for them). at this point, i was done dealing with dean and his BS, so i basically told him to keep his crampons and that this was by far the worst customer service i have ever had. i hung up the phone and have had zero contact with them since.

    when all was said and done, i ended up paying full for a board with 2 edge compressions. i wasen’t offered anything, no new board, no refund, no money off, not even a goddamn sweatshirt. i will never ever ever do any business with that comapany again…not for any reason. all in all, i probably should have just been patient and waited for the NS, but i didn’t, and i got stuck with the prior. took me 3 months to find a sticker big enough to cover the prior logo on the topsheet.

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    Wow! That is quite a story chris. Sorry to hear about it for sure. 😥

    I sure hope they are reading it and taking it to heart.

    Specifically this.

    @ctowles wrote:

    i will never ever ever do any business with that company again…not for any reason.

    Pretty much goes against the “customer for life” approach.

    ps. use paragraphs for a post that long next time. 😉

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    i edited the post so its a little easier to read. i was thinking it was a bit long last night, but then again, the post needed to be that long to describe all the BS that i delt with. as far as the loyal customer thing, i explained to everyone that i talked to at prior that i do live in jackson hole, wyoming, one of the backcountry meccas of this country and that making enemies with me, a 100+ day a year backcountry snowboard bum was not in their best interests as far as selling splitboards goes. i see and ride with alot of poeple here, and anybody that asks me how i like my board gets the same response “don’t bother…buy a never summer”. if they sound as if they are seriously thinking of buying a prior, they hear about my experiance. i hope i sell alot of boards for bentley, that dude is the man, and i like the idea of supporting some homegrown rocky mtn folks. and if i can manage to somehow get rid of this thing without completely losing my shirt on the deaL i’ll hopefully own one of his boards too.

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    Wow that story sucks, No happy ending. I had a post last year about my bc partners board dillema where the kyber sidewall cracked in many different places for little or no reason. The company treated him way better though. At least they fixed the problem. He still sold the board and bought a NS and likes the NS way more anyway. I rode it and it’s way more solid though a little heavier. If you have the money buy a NS. If you don’t have the money finance an NS some how. They are bomber and customer service is top notch! No I don’t work for them.

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    Just to make sure that the right guy gets this latest story….try this

    It will be interesting to see how he responds. It’s the email address for Chris Prior.

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    Yeah, ya know I’ve been pretty surprised not to see a response from Prior on this thread. They sponser the site so you would think that they check it out once in a while.

    My experience with Prior has been good so far. I debated getting a NS but liked Prior’s shape and weight better. I’ve yet to ride the board though so I’m pretty nervous of how I’ll be treated if there are any durabilitly problems.

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    Never had any problems with my Voile and they have always been super solid people to deal with. Throwing in nuts and bolts for free, calling within hours of me contacting them to make sure everything was right, etc.

    Fuck Prior if this is the way they treat people. What goes around comes around, and frankly, the way David’s board was misdrilled (a thousand dollar board! at retail!) you would have to pay me to ride a Prior.

    Customer service and bad PR like this will help to keep Prior small. Meanwhile, Voile has grown up and branched out and they’re still the same cool people they were before. Pretty stark contrast between the innovators (Voile) and the johnny-come-lately’s…

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    That is a pretty shitty deal ! I bought a khyber on sale last year and after reading all this feel very lucky to not have had any problems.I really like the board and have no complaints I also own 2 Voile boards and soon to be a third , they are a great product and I will be supporting Voile with my buisness for the rest of my days. Everyone there are awesome people whom you stand behind there gear and for me that is extremely important when I’m gonna spend a lot of money on a board ! Any one want to buy a khyber?

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    I had a similar shipping issue. Mine was packed in a cardboard sleave. It arrived with a small dent in the base. I mentioned it to Prior (with pictures) and they said that they have never had issues with shipping in the past (and didn’t offer me any deal or anything).

    In my case it wasn’t a big deal as I’ve since put much worse scratches in the base. I guess i’ll go with NS for the next split though.


    Hi fellow splitboarders, It’s Chris and Dean from Prior weighing in.

    We would like to thank all those who submitted to this thread thus far. We have been reviewing regularly and are using it as a tool to continue to improve our customer service and product.

    Our goals for Prior are simple: we want to make the best boards possible, ship when we say we will, and back this up with great customer service. Even though we work hard to do this each and every day there are rare occasions when these goals aren’t met.

    The popularity of our splitboards and splitboarding in general has continued to increase dramatically. This has required us to double our splitboard production in the last 24 months and has resulted in some growing pains.

    Our apologies go out to splitboarders out there who feel that they have not been given the treatment or goods they expected. We will continue to strive to improve our level of service, reduce lead times, and to attain our goal to get you on the best boards available. If you ever feel you are not getting a fair shake feel free to ask for either of us directly.

    We continue to embrace the factory direct portion of our business as the vast majority of our customers like the additional customization it provides. We also enjoy communicating directly with our customers as their feedback makes us a better company and improves our product.

    For Winter 2006/07 we are excited about several improvements to raw materials and processes that make our new boards the best we’ve ever produced. A new epoxy resin system and unbreakable UHMW sidewalls means the new Priors are stronger and lighter than ever before. Our packaging has also been improved.

    Our production crew is the most talented and dedicated we have had the pleasure to work with and are focused on our company goals. From the customer service side fellow snowboard fanatics Sean “Dinwoodieâ€Â

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    Hello Chris and Dean and welcome. By the way I love your town (who dont?) Lots of Good times spent in your area. When I was looking to buy a new split I started asking around about performance and like and dislikes about your boards. I have to say I was alittle Biased by the fact that I love your area and peoples attitudes ect. I had bought a Burton s-series and I was having lots of problems with their interfaces. Not wanting to make another bad choice I asked a lot of people about Prior and Voile. I ended up winning a Voile at splitfest so I didnt buy anything. So here is what people I spoke with #1 complaint with your product is HOLE ALIGNMENT!!!!! Time after time thats was the issue. Now I read what you have posted and I see a lot of “corperate speak” …ie “We are Very Excited” yada yada. I dont want to be too harsh but If I would have spent 1100 hundred uS dollars on anything and the holes dont line up for the hardware then you are buying my stufff back.(Note to buyer here. Buy with Mastercard or Visa and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, call Mastercardand tell them you refuse payment ) . And thats your companies #1 problem. So if you really want to help , do a recall. If holes dont line up and your company drilled them give the costomer A BRAND NEW BOARD. After all the costomer sent you full payment in spendable money. Ie they delivered on their end. Now its your turn.

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    Based on this thread, it sounds like Prior has four issues to deal with.

    1. Timely delivery of product

    2. Shipping practices

    3. Quality control

    4. Customer service

    I can understand (but not necessarily accept) if a local, family-owned business has difficulties with the first three items on this list, especially if they are experiencing “growing painsâ€Â

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    I am suprised to see the lack of empathy from people who have had no issues with their boards. If I paid that kind of money for a board when I could have paid alot less for a board from another company which is probably just as good I would be pissed as hell. It doesnt matter if I already owned one of their boards that worked great thats not the issue. LBR that was a stupid comment man. We are lucky to live by mountains, but every dollar I earn is through hard work, I’m not rich, every piece of equipment I own is second hand except a few pieces. You can do this sport on the cheap, the alternative is better but it can be done, you don’t have to come from money.

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    Well UTAH, I can’t answer as a Prior owner, but I can answer as a potential Prior customer… I was seriously consider a Khyber 160 for my next board, but now, I dunno… I (like everyone else on would love Voile to drop their new model(s) on us ASAP, but in the meantime, I’m back to looking at a Freeride or a Gun. I might pick up a khyber if REI puts them on wicked-good sale around the time I finally drop cash for a split, but I would probably never buy one straight from Prior at this point…

    So that’s the deal Prior guys: if you leave these complaints unanswered, and you don’t make a lot of people out there become your advocates through excellent customer service, people aren’t going to trust you as a company. Right now, the ATV and the Khyber are the two models you make that really set you apart from other companies out there. At some point, these will get direct competition… If you have convinced your customers that you are a good company by then, I’m sure you’ll have no problem, but if not, you’ll lose your audience.


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    After reading this thread I can feel the anti-Prior sentiment oozing through my monitor and spreading like a bad cancer. I would like to add that my experience with Prior was smooth but just like playing devils advocate. I would still buy a Kyhber from Prior. Its just a matter of selling enough beaver pelts.

    Customer Service Rule # 1: Customer is always right even if you know the person is wrong.

    Making customers feel like a victim….hmmm that can’t be good for future business. Remember the best form of advertisement is word of mouth.

    I couldn’t help but notice the complaints all coming from your customers in America. What you Canucks don’t like us?? Is this payback for all the bad Terrance and Phillip jokes. Just kidding. I like Canada and look forward to buying cheap prescription drugs when I start losing the war against gravity.

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    @ridefire wrote:

    Any one want to buy a khyber?

    Not to hijack a thread, but are you still offering? Let me know.

    – ryan

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    I vote we let sleeping dogs rest and revisit this thread in a few/several months. I think Prior deserves a chance to redeem themselves.

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    in the meantime, if you’re thinking about a prior board but are worried about the above mentioned experiences you might consider going through REI:*&cat=40003613&text=1&vcat=REI_SSHP_SNOWBOARD_TOC:C

    speedy shipping and a no questions asked return policy if something ain’t right.

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    I’m soon to be plunken down my very hard earned $$$ on a split. I really liked the priors with the ability to get customized and whatnot. But after reading all these complaints and Prior’s responses, then having them come on here and dance around the issue and drop some big PR/marketing lines of BS….

    I’ll be giving my $$$ to never summer………

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