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    Hi splitboarders, I’m looking for new splitboard and narrowed it down tho those three boards. Any opinions comparisons and so on? Anyone tried them and can share your thoughts how they compare? I’m not looking for the answer what is “the best splitboard” just want to pick one of them. I live in europe so I’m looking for splitboard for all conditions from pow to crust. I want it to be light and the one that will be snapiest, popiest, nice torsion and not to damp

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    Two of my buddies have an Amplid in their quivers. I think most would agree it is the more snappy and least damp and the lightest.

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    Thanks Scooby2

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    I haven’t ridden a carbon Prior or carbon Venture, but I have ridden several standard construction models of both Prior and Venture.

    Unless they are putting quite a bit more rebound into their carbon boards, the Amplid will certainly have more pop and be the most lively. This season, Amplid added a lot more camber and stiffened both the Milligram and Millisurf. They should have quite a bit more rebound than the previous 3 years.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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