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    Hey, I have the option of getting a Prior Backcountry 165 or 172. I am 5’10” and weight 185 pounds without a pack. I mostly plan on boarding in deep powder, but would like to do some spring boarding as well. I currently ride a Burton Floater 159. I want to go big enough to enjoy the deep stuff, but I don’t want to go too big. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    I’m your same size and I ride a khyber 165 it works fine as an all around board and the tapered shape rocks in the powder. I think you’ll be happy either way but for an all purpose board the 165 is a better way to go

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    Ditto wildfire’s rec. I weigh about the same and the 165 Khyber is working well for me. I had a voile 173, and yeah, it’s a different board, but felt the length was more than I needed.

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    I bought a 175 Backcountry for this winter and have been really really happy with the length. I normally ride a 163, weight 175lbs, 5’11”.

    I’d say go longer, you wont regret it 🙂

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    I ride a 172. I’m 6’1″ and about 190. Works great for me in the variable snowpacks of Colorado.

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    I would say go w/ the 165. I went from a super stiff 161 nitro natural resort board to a old school 173 voile freeride and didn’t like the feel. it felt too heavy and slow to turn for me. I traded it in for a new 166 free ride and like that much better.

    IMO you don’t need anything over 165, just keep the speed up and you should be fine.

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