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    Anyone tried this one? I’m riding a Nitro Natural 173, with Voile split Kit. Pretty satisfied, but it’s is in bad shape now.
    With Scarpa F1 boots and Bomber bindings my setup is quite stiff, and I enjoy that. Gues the ATV would give more speed and “carving feel” , but would it work in powder or steeps? Can the setup bee to stiff?
    Also thought a narrow and stiff board could be better for walking.
    Seems like ATV 171 has a long surface. Could that improve float in powder? I am 193 cm / 93 kg. (200 lbs). ❓

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    I rode the solid version a couple weeks ago in 12″ of fresh in CO. The board was great in the fluff. It isn’t super stiff by hardboot standards, a fair bit stiffer than my Prior MFR, but not nearly as stiff as my Prior 4WD. It has a nice big long nose that floated really well. The sidecut felt short enough to be effective in pretty steep and tight stuff. I rode it with Bombers and Raichles and I didn’t feel like the stiff bindings were a problem at all.

    I’d imagine the split version would be slightly softer, but hardly noticable.

    I’m also 200 lbs, and unless I went with a custom Khyber (narrowed down to 23-24cm) the ATV split would be my dream split.

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    Sounds wery tempting! This might be my next board. 😀

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    I picked up my ATV from Prior in December(Thankx Tree). I have put 30-40 days on it so far this year…It has been the best split that I have ever rode and I’ve been riding most of em since the beginning. I ride a hard boot set up with an old set of Arctis Vario Koflach boots and Blax bindings. The riding around here is big coastal terrain, steep trees down low and usually deep snow conditions…This board works well in all conditions, allows my riding style of tight radius turns and I’m a big boy too. My new work board next year will be a ATV.

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    Hi, and thanks for your help.
    Got the ATV 171 one month ago, and are wery happy with it. Higher binding angles for a more narrow board suits me fine, I feel comfortable in speed.

    Not sure if higher binding angles make turning with hardboots easier, anyway, the board is easy to turn. Also good in powder. Great! 😀

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