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    Prior AMF Splitboard: (Sorry I don’t have any photos, it was NUKING that day and the light was FLAAAAAT)

    When Dean from Prior offered to let me demo this board for a day last Sunday, I was EXTATIC! I’ve been anticipating this ripper for quite some time.
    First impression: Its LIGHT. Really light. I rode the 163, and it felt more like a 158. On my first drop of the day I noticed that I felt like I was riding a 155. Prior markets their “Hybrid Rocker” technology to give the board a nimble feel with fantastic floatation. I would say mission accomplished.
    The AMF is damp, high energy, fast to turn, and as playful as snowboards come. My personal classification for this stick is that it would be a seamless transition from creative park riding to backcountry jibbing on the biggest of scales. This board wanted to ride switch just as much as it does regular, and pulled me into tight carvy turns without any effort. It has a deeper sidecut and fatter extremities than the Venture Helix or the Jones Solution, and so really does want to turn. The most impressive aspect of this board for me was that it was as solid and tight as, well, as solid board. I could easily see myself riding inbounds fulltime on this board without any compromise (also thanks to Will Ritter may I add). James from Tahoe also seemed to love this board, and I watched with glory as he powered 180’s and switch turns all over the Baker Wilderness on Saturday.
    I feel that it would be impossible to go wrong with the AMF as it can handle any type of condition. For my style of riding however, I’m leaning more towards the Jones Solution due to its longer turn radius and blunter extremities. The AMF could easily do Super-G turns, but the Solution is more naturally designed for fall-line charging; the AMF is simply more of a backcountry park experience. For anyone wanting to send huge spins, switch pow slashes, or simply charge through tight trees or off cliffs, the AMF is an AWESOME choice. Not to bash Voile on purpose, but the Mojo doesn’t even come close to the level of performance offered by Prior or Jones, or perhaps Venture as well. Its extremely exciting to see such quality boards available as splitties! Really, and exciting time to be a part of the sport.
    The only major downside to the AMF, or Prior boards in general for that matter, is the price ticket. I know the Voile kit and skins come within the $1,199 cost, but it is difficult to justify that much dough, especially when you’re a dirtbag like me.

    Cheers everyone!


    Good review, thanks! I’ve been curious as hell what this board is like. Anyone have any weight measurements?


    It should be on Prior’s website


    @singlewhitecaveman wrote:

    Good review, thanks! I’ve been curious as hell what this board is like. Anyone have any weight measurements?

    There is a size chart on Prior’s website. I’ve got a 156 AMF as a solid board (I’m something like 5 foot 9 and 150 lbs). It’s a super fun board, but if I got another one, I would step up a couple sizes. Like Russ said, they ride short. Of course it comes down to personal preference, so the best thing would be to try a few.


    I ride the Prior AMF 165. The board rules it. I dont feel like Im riding a split like I did with other splits Ive had.


    I picked up an AMF 165 at the turkey sale but I haven’t ridden it yet – waiting for the rocks to go away first. A couple more feet and I’ll give my thoughts on the board!



    I have a question for Russman or anyone who has spent some time on this board. I have decided that this is the splitboard for me. I have been on a Voile Mojo 161 for the past 4 seasons but am ready to finally step it up to the quality of a Prior. My backcountry days have consistently been outnumbering my on area ski days the last couple of seasons. I typically ride a 156-159 board on area/resort riding for all mountain and like that size range. I am torn over what size to purchase this board in either the 156 or 159. The 159 is what I am leaning towards giving that people tend to say it rides shorter than you might expect. I am 5ft 10inches, 160lbs, with 9.5 feet. The reason that I am torn is because I have been on a Lib Tech T-Rice 157 that deals with everything quite well. The 157 Lib is nimble in tight trees but still floats really well in the deep heavy snow. I am still leaning towards the 159 but would love some thoughts/input.



    I would recommend the 162. I spoke with a Prior rep for quite some time on two occasions about my riding style, what did/didn’t like about my current splitboard, what type of terrain I’d be riding as well as board size I’d normally ride. They REALLY know what they’re talking about. So I took their word when they told me I wouldn’t be disappointed with the 159. They were even nice enough to let me demo the solid 159 AMF board at Whistler for the day just so I can see how it rode.

    My inbounds board is a 155. And it is very true.. the board rides shorter. I ride the AMF 159. The board does feel a slightly larger when compared to my inbounds 155, obviously, but there is absolutely no difference in how easily it turns and moves comparably. I would suggest you go one size up from your normal inbounds board.. so if you’re bordering near the 150 normally, go for the 162. I’m a female rider (5’8″, 140lbs, 9 boot) and I ride the 159. I think the 162 will be perfect for ya.

    I can’t say enough about this board. I’m not a freestyle rider at all (which is the type of rider this board is geared toward). But what I wanted/needed was mobility in deep pow and still keep control on more hard packed or icy conditions. The hybrid rocker does it perfectly. One of the best features is that it is a twin tip.. I don’t ever ride switch, but sometimes when stopping/going on varied terrain and in very tight trees I need to ride switch for a few meters to get out of tricky spots. Definitely something that is nearly impossible to do with tapered and flat tails.


    @Patrick59802 wrote:

    I am torn over what size to purchase this board in either the 156 or 159. The 159 is what I am leaning towards giving that people tend to say it rides shorter than you might expect. I am 5ft 10inches, 160lbs, with 9.5 feet.

    I would recommend considering a 162 as well. I have pretty much the same specs as you and have just dropped some cash on a 162 after having the chance to demo both the 159 & 162 recently. the 162 is just as nimble as your standard 157 and the extra length is only barely noticeable in the tightest of tight of trees. the little bit of extra float you’ll get is worth it in the bc when you consider pack weight compared to resort riding.

    This is such a sweet board, you’ll be stoked either way you go


    Anyone have a good amount of time on a AMF, wondering how this board performs at high speed and on the steeps? I see that it is more freestyle driven and I like that I just want to make sure it can handle the big stuff and hold a edge.

    Size recommendation would be great I’m 5’6″ 165 lbs. I currently ride a 159 for pow but considering I will be going with a split and hopefully hitting some deeper conditions I was considering a 162


    I’ve got a buuunch of days on my AMF. It holds it’s own, everywhere.

    I was going to buy a resort board this fall, then decided to just save myself the coin and ride my AMF split on resort instead… I just keep saying “Why do I need a resort board, when this board does everything I want it to!?”

    As far as size, I’m 6’2″ and bought a 165. If you want more freestyle, go shorter. If you are mostly riding deep pow and want to rip while sill having some fun, go 162.

    The AMF, :rock:


    Thanx for the input, all i hear is good things about the board i think i go with the 162


    Hey crew,
    I am going to get this board for the coming winter and was wonder what peoples thoughts where on the carbon version. i know it costs a fair bit more but i really want a light split but durable aswell.


    Hey scotthaggarty – Just noticed your post. Not sure if you ended up getting the AMF yet, but I can offer my two cents.

    The carbon will most definitely affect the feel of this board. I realize the first thing people think of with carbon, is the increased weight savings, which makes sense for those long days. But I would warn people to consider the conditions they typically ride in before deciding if carbon is right for them.

    Prior has worked on their carbon weave over and over again, and note that their carbon weave is quite damp compared to other carbon weaves. It does stiffen up the board quite a bit, so you will feel a little bit of that added “pop” on turns, and more chatter on the hard packed conditions.

    Since this board is meant to be playful fun and flexy, carbon will counteract that flexy feel. So it depends what you’re really looking to gain out of this board.. flexy? or weight savings?

    I posted a review of this board on my personal site But I mostly just summed it up right here anyway… regardless of carbon or not, I don’t think you can go wrong with picking this board. Cheers!


    Would a AMF 158 be to big for me ?
    around 5’5″ and 170 lbs maybe, included backpack.

    I ride preaty aggressive, like those steep hill sides, but still wanna cruise the good pow when we have it.


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