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    Hi to everybody, I’m a new member of the forum, from Italy, splitboarder since 2002.

    I’ve read some interesting posts concerning the use of Dynafit toe-pieces. I’m very interested in this argument because I’m planning to shift to AT boots next season.
    I’ve already ordered a SD kit to Voilè and I hope it will arrive in the next few days. I’ve tried (in the shop) a pair of Garmont Mega Light and I felt them surprisingly comfortable (it is 10 years that I use soft boots only) and they are Dynafit-compatible too.

    I ask to somebody who have experienced the Dynafit toe-pieces to post here or mail me the more information you have on the subject : pros & cons and if possible some pictures.

    As soon as my new splitboard will be ready and tested I’ll be happy to share with you my impressions.


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    I ride dynafit MLT’ and use voile, forget what its called binding for at hardboots and it works great. Not sure what you mean by toepiece? It’s nice to have an extra slider plate one with hard boot binding one for soft boot binding that you can easily switch depending on the riding your doing.

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    Thanks for your info, I think I’m going to follow this way.
    Since the board will be handcrafted for this specific use with the only limit represented by the hardware (Voilè-Dynafit-Garmont), all further suggestions are welcome.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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