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    Pointless talk to kill the time and reduce the anticipation. However I do find splitting to be a lot more enjoyable when my body is healthy and strong. Over the last few years I have dialed in a pre-season training regiment. Nothing too serious. It includes: days at the skate park, running and training for a local mountain trail running race (a lot of running up mountains or speed hiking), and more specific I like to focus on strength training. I don’t have a gym membership so I fill a pack with weights and do sets of step-ups, lunges, and calve raises usually after my run. I also have a big hill right outside my house and like to do repeats with a heavy pack. I would like your opinions but I have found when I added this element of strength training to my workouts my riding and overall splitting fitness improved so much. I also like to work on the tiny muscles that relate to hand eye coordination. I do this by running in the now empty river bottoms, this makes it so you have to be quick to place your feet, I also just tried a friends tight rope thingy, its all about balance I forget the name of it but it’s pretty popular with climbers, great for balance. Anyone else have something to share?


    Slackline. It’s pretty fun (though a bit frustrating & humbling at first) and a good balance/core muscle workout. Be care though, it can be a gateway activity to full on hippieness.

    If you build a longer slackline you’ll need to build a ‘pulley’ system which is great crevasse rescue practice as well.

    I think the current Alpinist has a Dean Potter slackline article, including a pic of him walking the Lost Arrow gap sans leash.


    I just ate a donut and washed it down with a soda. 😆


    I have an old large wire spool and have learned to balance on it while rolling it forwards and backwards like a circus freek. This works balance and foot speed. I add mountain biking, skatebording and climbing to roundout my conditioning. This year I’d like to do some strength training with wieghts

    Rico in AZ

    I’ve been wondering this myself… I’d like to know more from the rest of you! I’m definately not 22 anymore, and I’m not naturally a lightning rod of energy like some of you!
    I’ve been mtb’ing more and more for the cardio.
    Something else I’ve been wondering, what does everyone eat before and during a big day of riding and touring? I’ve had a problem with bonking/crashing in the middle of a big day.

    Unruly Baker

    @bcrider wrote:

    I just ate a donut and washed it down with a soda. 😆

    I just ate a donut and washed it down with a beer……….and it’s not even noon yet. 😯



    I’ve been going to the gym and lifting weights. All of them. At the same time.

    I think I’m ready now 😆

    Yeah, I know – it’s difficult to look at. So here’s a nice lady bodybuilder

    Oh, my god! I’m scared. Or possibly scarred.

    Seriously – I have been going to the gym and training my legs (double knee surgery this past season) as well as mt. biking. Now that it’s getting cooler, I’m gonna have to get another 10,000′ ride in here soon. Hopefully, between the gym workouts and some long rides, I’ll be back to my old self.


    My eyes! 😥


    I’ve been riding the motorcycle a lot this summer. Mostly longer tours. Have just started riding the dirt bike more the last few weeks doing some trail rides. Will take it to Moab for 5 days next week.

    Maybe some more fishing now that weather is getting colder. Wading in the cold water will get me used to cold again.

    With the colder temps, I’ve also been hitting the hot tub at least once a day with a cold beverage.

    Stagger Lee

    I like Diskgolfing/trail running at Solitude. Sometimes the running gets interrupted when your buddy can’t find his disk 😡

    Tee pad #1 @ ~9000′ last Friday

    “Hole” 3.

    I also try to frequent the skateparks, bike to work, and do plenty of 12 oz curls.


    Man, I miss Solitude. Worked there for the season – ’93/’94. I was there the last season they banned snowboarders(nothing against all you knuckledraggers! 😉 ) and the last season before they started to build up the base with all that gay-ass condo crap.
    Solitude Rules!
    The Thirsty Squirrel was epic back in the day… I got stories…
    Keep those 12oz curls going. That’ll help ya. If you work out too much you’ll get a g/f like the second pic. 😯


    all the usual hiking, biking, climbing, hydrating. One legged squats are awesome if you don’t have access to weight sets for real squats:

    I most definitely second Swanny’s idea, I have an old skate deck on a log that does wonders for those stabilizer riding muscles as well.


    If your into the slackline thing there are a few exercises I like to work on. 1st, fill your pack with some weight and try walking it. 2nd, try Yoga Slacking this is the newest craze in the yoga world. I have never actually taken a yoga class, seriously, but the poses these guy do in there video have really inspired me to train exclusively with the techniques they teach.
    I know most of us hate to focus on just a work out with weights and running, so I play soccer, mountain biking, and river bodyboarding before the river levels drop. But all in all, once that first day of touring comes into season, I am on a mission to climb and ride as vert as I can becasue there is no other exercise than touring that really motivates me to get into shape. For some reason I have this horrible addiction of walking up hill!!!


    Being an old fart who wants to keep up with the young bucks around here…I run at lunch. I have access to a shower and a nice hill that gains 600 ft in a half mile. So while my coworkers sit and shoot the shit, I hit the highway. I have been running year round for 7 years. I also do a LOT of wakeboarding which is great for cardio and I surf when there is surf and IF I can get a 2 foot by two foot area of ocean to get into without getting into a fight. Skateboarding also helps the cardio. But for me the biggest thing is running and then doing multi day trips. I found out last season after 5 days at elevation its all pretty easy

    My tip for long haul is stay away from the couch . Tv and potato chips


    @TEX wrote:

    My tip for long haul is stay away from the couch . Tv and potato chips

    I turned off the satellite TV a few months ago. What a waste of time. I’ve lost 20 pounds since last May by doing really long mt. bike rides. 10 hours or more. Replaced most of my beer drinking with wine. And I eat no processed foods – except whole grain bread. Alvarado Street Bakery.
    Meat only once a week.
    Living well is the best revenge…


    Trail running, yoga and climbing seem to be the ticket for me. Just making sure that I’m always doing some sort of physical exercise, regardless of what it is, seems to work well. As far as weights go, I try to stay as far away as possible…


    Like a lot of people I have an annual rotation of sports which helps keep my brain engaged. I love trail running and that’s the main thing I do year round. This summer I got a mountain bike and its probably the best cardio I’ve ever had and the funnest. Fall is the surf season so I’m starting to do that more. It just got too dark to ride a bike after work so I’m gonna go on more hikes in the local hills with my wife. I’m putting weight in my pack (25-40 lbs) which I started doing last season. It helped keep my legs in condition to climb, even when there hadn’t been snow for a month. When I start getting shut inside by the weather I’ll transition to more yoga. Yoga is a killer leg, core, flexibility, and balance workout. I hate the gym so I don’t go.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    I agree Yoga is an incredible snowboard practice (balance, visualization, strength). I am lucky to be married to a yoga teacher, although my ADD limits my personal practice to 15 min of light stretching. Something you may not have known about D.J. Barney is he used to be somewhat of Yogi master, from what I gather. Morning and evening yoga sessions at the next split fest? I also agree with Jibmaster, whole grain everthing(spaghetti, tortillas, bread, etc) and after seeing how much sugar is really in a coke, I was done. One a month maybe.

    karma surf

    @UTAH wrote:

    Something you may not have known about D.J. Barney is he used to be somewhat of Yogi master, from what I gather.

    Gave up the Yoga for Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kumdo (Korean Sword). My two youngest are on the same program, and here’s my two boys in action-

    Here’s me contemplating the teaching’s of Plato and counting the holes in the acoustic tile ceiling-

    We all just promoted to yellow stripe last Saturday, and have our first full contact sparring tournament next Saturday. So far I’ve only suffered one broken rib (healed up already), but I think I’m having more fun than my boys are since I’m the bigger kid. Getting the time to spend with my kids doing martial arts has been the coolest thing we’ve ever done together. They’re still getting their snowboarding skills down at the resort, but they’ll shortly become my splitty partners in the bc.

    Taekwondo has got me in the best shape of my life so far, and just in time for winter ❗


    So when you said you were in “fighting shape” you weren’t kidding were ya Karma? Glad to see you and the boys having a good time there. I always wanted to do martial arts as part of the karate kid generation but my parents figured I would just end up fighting with my sisters. Glad it’s a more even match between the boys.

    As far as my own program it involves marathon machining sessions at the spark world hq, and a few road bike rides per week. Nothing like a road bike and an freshly filled ipod to get your head back on straight. I guess the five days of shredding I have in for October also count 😉

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