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    With the season rapidly approaching (although it doesn’t feel that way), what is everyone’s favorite late summer/fall activities to get ready for the pow? For example, i find a good mix of rock climbing (mental), trail running (cardio), and yoga (flexibility) really gets me ready for getting after it in the winter. Anyone else have things they like to do?


    Racing bikes, definitely gets the fine motor skills tuned, as well as endurance and aerobic capacity.

    Utah has a high-school level league that has some pretty rad racing.

    I have also been hiking to snowline just about every night to see what’s going on (is that healthy?)

    Wish I was out climbing more but… my normal climbing partner has shingles… 😕 :thumbsdown:

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    Hiking with weight (for work)

    Buying gear (with my money made from work)

    Making time to ride (by getting laid off of work)

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    The mountain bike is broken 😥 So I’ve been paddling on the Lake a bit, gotten back into yoga, making use of the bowflex, lots of pushups, hiked a few mountains, and chopping and stacking wood. And running. I fucking hate running. :nononno:
    Yeah, I’m pretty much ready for stoke season :headbang:

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    I try to do a quick leg circuit in the gym ( 3-4 exercises max, no rest) a couple of times a week. Also need to start running again (3-4 times / week) and plan to ride the MTB a bit more.

    Honestly, I don’t think that this is enough / optimal but it’s better than nothing…

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    DRINK BEER! duh

    …and smoke sum stuff for cardio too

    all while watching various sorts of snow porn

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    Lots of irrelevant posts on

    And some of this too.

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    and then smoke dope on the beach and drink IPA’s in town, done :bananas:

    for real though: push-ups, pull-ups, roll-outs, 5 mile run (3 up, 1 down, 1 flat)followed by 60 squats & 60 calf raises. 3-4 times a week….

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    Dam you guys put me to shame :bow:

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    This bar seems awfully high, is this on purpose (for comfort)?

    @802smuggler wrote:

    Lots of irrelevant posts on

    And some of this too.

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    Lernr, I never noticed, but you’re right. It looks awfully akward. She’s been riding that set up a few years. I doubt she’d let me change it now- maybe if I told her she’d be a little more comfortable on the roll-downs ’round here.

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    -Get some runs in at A-basin.
    -Keep on CrossFitting it.
    -Organize my backcountry gear.
    -Monitor the snow conditions (starting by listening to those here on the forum and waiting for CAIC to start up their reports).
    -Watching hockey is fun also.

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    Oh, and stop skateboarding for the winter/spring (can’t afford risking an injury to mess with the snowboard & backcountry season). Call me a wimp but I got manage the risks both on the snow and off.

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    I ride the bike,and wear my boots around the house a few hours a day to re-mould them.

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    Lots of good stuff here, not a fan of running. I like the Shawn Palmer approach… Skate, mnt bike, moto and work on my alcohol tolerance.


    @aksltxlt wrote:

    Lots of good stuff here, not a fan of running. I like the Shawn Palmer approach… Skate, mnt bike, moto and work on my alcohol tolerance.

    That last part you can actually do with Palmer if you hang out at turn 3 enough.

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    Being 41 y.o., and wanting to still progress my riding and touring, I just do tons of heavy weight training: squats, deadlifts, leg press, one legged squats, box jumps, and other explosion core exercises. I only weight 143 lbs so my focus has been on building more mass in my legs since I have to carry higher amount of weight than most given my body weight to gear ratio. I don’t do shit for cardio in the summer. There’s no need. Cardio is like riding a bike. A few days out and those alveoli are fully tuned.

    So personally, I think it’s best to focus on explosion and power before the season with minimal cardio…and of course, beer. I’m sure the best approach for a heavy, thick guy would be different than my skinny ass.

    And lots of saturated fats before touring!!! (butter, avocado, grass fed meat, raw eggs) I just found out the key to longer tours is lots of fat in the morning with carbs & sugar during the day to sustain it.

    And fuck running!

    wasatch surf
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    running is fun. I started to climb again. i’ve been beating off with my left hand to work on coordination, maybe it well help me ride switch this year.

    I kind of don’t understand people that splitboard but don’t like running. or at least trail running. Everyone likes hiking for the most part, so why not enjoy covering a lot more terrain in one day with really fun downhills? doesn’t make sense to me. that being said, fuck running on the road or in the gym. also fuck the gym.

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    I only run, when chased. 😉

    I’m glad the snow is back. I don’t think my body can take anymore concrete and hard pack impacts.

    Here’s to strong ales, hot toddies, and soft landings :guinness:

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