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    One of my favorites was found in a snowboard magazine. You take an old wallet or purse and fill it full of dog shit, cat shit, or anything that is really disgusting. Maybe leave a “go f–k yourself” note in there. Leave the purse or wallet out in the parking lot where your buddy will see it with a dollar sticking out of it. Then wait and watch for the reaction of finding a shitty wallet instead of some cash. One time some dumbass thought that the dog turd was drugs. It gets mixed results.

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    OK drink a bunch of red stripe or some crappy beer that makes you really gassy, then eat a bunch of asperigus, KFC, Taco Smell, what ever makes your farts smell exceptionally ripe. Then get yourself a mason jar and draw yourself a bath. Sit in the tub and fill the mason jar with water and hold it upside down under the surface. At this point start letting them rip catching the fart bubbles in the jar until the gas has displaced the water then put the cap on while continuing to hold the jar under water.
    Once this is complete take the jar and mail it to your unsuspecting victim, they will recieve it and with curiosity, open it and WHAM. You just got a fart from a week ago. Just make sure SHITS ripe before hopping in the tub.

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    I think flatlander has taken the “nasty” award with that one. You are one sick individual. I vow NEVER to fuck with you

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    I unfortunately found myself on the recieving end of that bad boy once. It was really bizarre, but mostly it just smelled like shit.

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